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I was having dinner earlier this week with a singer friend- a girl with an amazing voice who had gone to LA to try and audition for The Voice- the contract was a ball-buster and which ended that idea- and recently recorded a few standards with some of the biggest names in Jazz including the legendary Bernard Purdie.

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However, after years of concentrating on being a jazz singer, she was wondering what her “real voice” might be as her long-time love affair with the genre had come to an end.

Sure, she still loves Billie and Ella and Sarah and all those wonderful ladies, but she had decided that to move forward, there was a need to find something new- a new direction and sound.

But what and how and why? Would it mean working with a songwriter or a smart A&R person?

I took all that in and it came full circle while watching the finals of “American Idol” and listening to Angie Miller whom I thought should have won the competition and then wondering what type of songs she would record.

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Yes, but what is her real voice? Even when it came to the eventual and predictable winner, Candice Glover, the same question was going through my head: What’s her real voice? What type of songs would she record?

Watching cameo appearances by Emilie Sande and Jessie J with some of these contestants who had their own sound, made the question even more pertinent.

The problem- one of them- with shows like “Idol” and ” The Voice” is that contestants sing such a variety of material and constantly change styles that nowhere along their journey does anyone provide them with any A&R direction.

Jimmy Iovine? He’s the most confusing of them all and knowing the artists on his Interscope label, I can’t see ANY of the Idol finalists fitting in and staying there for the long run. They are way too uncool and more Disney or Broadway.

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No idea why, but I’d love to kick him ass.It’s probably his know-it-all attitude and his “judgements ” being a con.

I comeback to my singer-friend and her realization that at 25 and though having an amazing voice, she has no idea what to do with her God-given instrument.

The times I watched “Idol” this season, Angie Miller was the girl I thought was the whole package- the voice, the looks and the moves. But watching her duets with Adam Lambert and then Jessy J, I was confused: She just came across as another covers singer. They all did. Even Mariah Carey whose medley seemed heavily doctored.

The highlights for me were hearing those hits by the incredible Frankie Valli, the guitar playing of Keith Urban and the incredible drumming of Travis Barker.

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Why? They were all originals. They have found their “voices”. Find yourself and you’ll find your voice.

Find the right song and the odds are that you’ll find your real voice and not sound derivative and yet another covers singer in a fake rock’n roll band.

And Music fans over 12 know real from fake. Right, Travis? Hit it, man.

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