What David Grohl says above has gone viral- and for good reason: It’s the truth and the very essence of what music is and should be but has lost its way through hype, fake, scripted soundbites and a generation brain frozen to worship false idols.

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As Grohl mentioned when talking about how Nirvana came together, music is something very personal yet often the result of teamwork.

It’s got nothing to do with those who have no idea why you wrote a song sitting in judgement of your art and critiquing you.

Music critics are dangerous when we live in a world of so many different social media platforms that the very innocence of knowing from a simple opening chord, riff or a “One, two, three, FAAAAAR!” count-in was all that’s needed to know YOU like what you heard and fuck what the rest think or what the rest tweeted or Facebooked.

Sharing music that matters to you, music that touches you is great.

As the Kinks once sang, being a Dedicated Follower Of Fashion is just as dangerous a kind of Mob Rules in that it devalues music and cheapens it to a point where everything is free.

It cannot and should never have reached this point and the reason it has is allowing in too many to whom the importance is in the execution and not the idea.

Steve Jobs, a passionate music fan who lived and breathed the music of the Beatles, was an exception to what has now become a rule of those in “charge” of the digital world and those who feed their pockets- and not their minds- with someone else’s art.

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Why is this so fucking difficult for many to comprehend and change this illegal and off-skew paradigm shift? And why was it allowed to happen in the first place?

Fear by music companies, first of Napster, then after the lawsuits failed and the genie was let out of the bottle, fear of the technological unknown which led to the random hiring of digital armies ‘cos they worked for Yahoo and MySpace and knew how to design websites.

Did these hires know the company’s back-catalog or anything about publishing and who wrote what? Of course not.

The geek world had taken over the music world and which still goes on today and with everyone more lost than ever when Dylan warned all those years ago not to follow leaders and watch your parking meters.

Just as Sinatra sang how, “I’ve got you under my skin,” so does music.

Music that matters reaches parts of you that you never even knew existed or, perhaps, tried to block out ‘cos of the hurt.

Sometimes, hurt is good and listening to someone like Roy Orbison singing “It’s Over”, Lennon going through “Cold Turkey” or admitting, “I’m So Tired,” well, those are songs that need to be heard to face the truth as we can’t be walking on sunshine with California Girls in tow forever in some la la land.

Music is also that magical feeling of being in a recording studio and losing track of time.

It’s listening to all those musical layers forming the backdrop to a soundscape for the vocals and the teamwork of re-crafting the lyrics, changing words, re-arranging lines, deleting lines for the sound to breathe or, like Phil Spector did or those brilliant Motown recordings managed to achieve on four-track machines, ensuring that the BEAT was always the driving force.

Listen to what Spector created within that Wall Of Sound and all those Holland-Dozier-Holland songs recorded by the Supremes. Their music and the voice of Diana Ross was often better than sex. These were PERFECT recordings and those vocals by Miss Ross? Mama!

Back in the studio, it’s more and more fine-tuning, living with the music for a few days and listening to it with fresh ears but without over-thinking something simple to death and losing the soul and spontaneity of the original moment.

After that, it’s about playing this music- ‘live’. And with the audience feeding you their mood, the music might and always does, goes through changes- shorter here, longer there, false ending. It’s creativity meeting passion and it all being the power and magic of music.

Music is not an exact science though some thing it is or can be created by numbers and, as an ex said, “No one listens to words these days.” If she’s right, we’re all fucked and we might as well close all libraries.

Music is energy, inspiration, perspiration and a whole lotta love, a whole lotta wooh hoohs, something that comes from within and lives with you forever because music is brilliantly timeless, ageless and the only drug needed.

You fall in love to music, it makes you come to your senses and fall out of love, remind you of who and what really matters and is a memory bank that is invaluable.

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