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This season’s American Idol is now down to its final four, they are all females and which is not surprising at all as the promos for the show have been hinting this with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

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A female as the winner comes as no surprise. And this is why the show is no longer what it was: We have seen and heard it all before, it’s predictable and the producers have not enhanced the original format and have not really moved on from the days when Simon Cowell was the show’s chief judge and giant pooh-bah.

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This is also why Cowell’s X Factor in the US has become such a flop whereas his own brand has needed constant propping up.

Simon Cowell has become the David Caruso of television singing shows- one dimensional and boring. Someone give him a pair of shades.

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As for Idol, Keith Urban comes across as the nice guy everyone says he is and Nikki Minaj gives the show some edge and relevance.

But Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey and those silly cameos by Jimmy Iovine all seem dated, corny and Trio Los Amigos who are making young artists way too old, way too soon.

Who will win? None really appeal to me but if Vegas bookies were offering me 3 to 1, I’d take a punt on Angie (?), the girl with the Farrah Fawcett hair and smile and who should have been signed by Disney ten years ago.

Does she have a chance today? Not really- even if she does write her own songs.

Many of us write our own songs, some like my friend Ben Semmens from Wales, far better than most recording artists. He could blow audiences away on Idol. Or could he?

Knowing Ben, he won’t comprise and appear in ridiculously cheesy dance routines nor have his hair styled and suddenly start to dress in Hugo Boss threads.

This is why, I follow the American version of The Voice.

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Despite once thinking the show was a mish-mash of ideas, it all makes sense now and though I think those on TeamShakira get the short end of the straw when it comes to A&R abilities, having Usher there along with Adam Levine and Blake Shelton as judges work.

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The show comes across as substance over style and three charismatic judges and very strong A&R people.

Shakira choosing the Janis Joplin hit, Piece Of My Heart for two members of her team was a horrendous choice which ended with the younger of the two contestants not being picked by the Latina.

Shakira won’t be outta place on Idol as she comes from that Simon Cowell old school of old music and can sit there and listen to Jimmy Iovine trying to sound like Gondolph and ending up speaking like Gonzo.

Though the days of television talent shows and, especially, television singing shows have run their course and run into so many icebergs that even Ryan Seacrest is looking old and tired, there is still a market for this lowest common denominator in music where despite talk of recording deals, most contestants fall through the cracks and end up singing in malls in Asia.

So, what’s it all about, Alfie and what happens to all those who refuse to be seen on these shows and where is this “indie” and DIY spirit so liberally bandied about but with zero results to show for all the talk.

At least, Lee Dewyze who won American Idol gets to tour Asia, has an audience and gets paid for his performances.

And all the far more talented others? Where and what are their options? And for how much longer can they carry on creating for free without that day job?

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