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As we all agree, there is so much more music around today- in fact, so much music that much of it gets lost in the clutter.

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The key as always is how to first get this music heard and once this is accomplished, then what? Oh, please, not “social media” and where YouTube views can be as easily manipulated like Facebook “likes” and twitter “followers.”

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Receiving tweets “badvertising” how they can get you thousands more “followers” pisses me off as all of this shows how figures- and the truth- can be easily manipulated and how so many aspects of social media is a con and can give artists a very false sense of popularity and which will all be seen for what it is when their music doesn’t sell.

This is why “views” on YouTube and YouTube “sensations” are those I take with a great deal of skepticism.

Remember Michael Geyson Chance and his “YouTube sensation” which was a cover of Paparazzi and all the ensuing hype about being the first artist to be signed to Ellen DeGeneres’ new record label?

It was as contrived and as setup as an “unknown” disheveled Scottish spinster opening her mouth and the judges looking gobsmacked when the truth was that Susan Boyle had been appearing on talent shows in the UK since the Nineties.

But it was a smart ploy and good background story to get her noticed and the Simon Cowell and Max Clifford PR machine had the chess moves already setup for the next winning moves.

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As for Michael Geyson Chance and Ellen, her record label and signing of this kid never happened.

Today, now known simply as Geyson Chance and seemingly concentrating on the Asian market- he’s always doing promo visits within the region- is just another artist signed to Universal and being marketed through some “edutainment” property that was done almost two decades ago by SClub7.

Then, by chance, a guy tweets one of his videos, you watch it- and the odds are many won’t- and you think, hey, this is pretty good and I can see him doing this and that making a name for himself without faking “followers” etc.

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s so much more worthwhile as an honest connection has been made between the artist and a fan half way around the world.

This is the positive side to social media- the introduction.

What happens next is what has always happened when music strikes a chord with music fans: You want the music, you should pay for it and you share it with your friends.

If you can, you send their music to those who work in a bigger sandbox whereas if you have the rollerdeck to make this artist’s music heard, you get off your arse and do something about it instead of being a serial gibberer well-known to many.

And with that, check out Stephen Michael Thornton, an artist outta nowhere who’s made a connection with a new fan in a very real way.

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  2. Casey Rose says:

    I meet Stephen Michael Thornton in NYC and I got the chance to speak with him face to face. I can tell you he is one of the most positive people I’ve met ! I love his music and I love his positivity. I found out about his music on Facebook.

  3. Lauren says:

    Stephen Michael Thornton is an artist out of NYC. I saw him perform recently in Manhattan.

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