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Over the years much has been written about Richard Li, the youngest son of Li Ka-shing, the richest man in Hong Kong and one of the richest men in the world.

The successes and failures have been pretty well documented- successes like taking that wok in the sky and eventually calling it STARTV and out-foxing the fox Rupert Murdoch by selling him this piece of crap with the promise that it would be his gateway to China. It never happened.

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What Murdoch got outta the deal was marrying the very astute Wendy Deng, who came outta nowhere, worked for STARTV, caught the eye of the multi-media king and the rest is history along with the rise to power of an attractive- and ambitious young woman.

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But the story of the rise and fall and rise and successes and failures of Richard Li have been hidden between the cracks with many close to the Crown Prince- some might say, Clown Prince- keeping very quiet, though, for some reason, now being more and more vocal about various dealings and the role of the mysterious Michael Johnson in all of Richard Li’s triumphs.

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Having met Johnson, a tough-talking, street smart American and failed movie producer years ago, he was equal parts genius, charlatan, visionary and bullshit artist.

It was he who found that wok in the sky- a runaway NASA satellite- and bought it without knowing what to do with it.

For a while, it was going to be a combination of the BBC and MTV.

In a very tangled web of funding, investors and hype, STARTV was sold to Murdoch’s News Corp with Richard Li estimated to have made over $US 287m on the deal.

Suddenly, through the orchestration of Arnie Tucker, an ex-Hill & Knowlton PR man and extremely well-paid Li loyalist, Richard Li was on the cover of Time and positioned as the tech world’s new wunderkind with a rather exaggerated CV which back-fired horribly.

No, Richard Li never attended Stanford University though he might have driven through the grounds in hope.

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There was then a stupendous failure by Li The Younger with a company in Singapore, one that was brushed under the carpet before using smoke and mirrors to get what became PCCW off the ground.

During all of this, Michael Johnson worked in the background for what many say was billions of dollars to make Richard Li a success.

I can tell you this: Without Michael Johnson, there would be no STARTV and no NOWTV whereas the truth about the initial sales of those PCCW shares and the guile of a lady from Canada in finance and now on Little Richard’s payroll will wait for another day.

Let’s just say that Richard Li is no dummy and has been either touched by an angel or has the devil on his side.

I know of three people writing books on the businessman- about his successes, well-hidden failures in Singapore, fatherhood, personal life and a diverse cast of characters led by Michael Johnson and featuring Arnie Tucker, Robert and George Chan, lawyer Gordon Oldham, Alex Arena- and what a story there is there- bit player Alex Zilo, the loathsome and slimy Aussie adman named Geoff Brown who is said to have been fired from DDBN Asia and apparently then had to do a runner from Sydney- and me.

Where, by the way, is Isabella, the mother of Little Richard’s mother of his children today? Suddenly, it’s all quiet on the waterfront.

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Then again, having seen it all and once being offered “the crumbs off the table” to keep mum, I might have the most fascinating tale of them all to tell.

Stay tuned.

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