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Sometimes,like an old Kinks song, we are dedicated followers of fashion- and often led by our noses without really examining what we are purchasing.

Sadly, we tend to buy trends and also get some false security from those with a good tale to spin and buzzwords. Hear that they once worked for Yahoo- even as a tea boy- and many think that this is good enough.

I call all of this a herd mentality and, today, the apparent cure-all is this new panacea that many industries turn to when nothing else is working- like a crap product- called social media. And those given lofty titles of heading marketing, pay to hire these so-called social media gurus.

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What these so-called marketing directors do- other than being given the power to hire many to think and do what they are bring paid to do- remains a mystery.

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Wait: Where did these social media species come from, what makes them “experts” and shouldn’t this role be part of traditional marketing?

Think about it; Isn’t social media all part of Marketing instead of paying extra to invest in this new “trending service” called a “social media company”?

I have sat in on a number of meetings with these “specialists” and I have often laughed- quite loudly at their daft fucking ideas- and when those who have hired them, ask how to make something go “viral”. Huh?

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Sorry, but most social media companies are as useless as most research and so-called PR companies.

How can a “social media” company that knows squat about, let’s say, music, take a new artist’s career further? Via twitter? YouTube? Facebook? And doing exactly what with these mediums that an artist cannot do better for themselves? After all, isn’t this meant to be a DIY world?

Being very involved in the marketing of horse racing, I have also sat in on meetings with social media companies paid very big bucks to bring this sport to those who follow social media.

Problem: But what if these social media gurus know bugger all about racing and jockeys and even placing a bet?

What do they bring to the table- and why are they being paid when what many do is simply recycle what is in the big generic book of social media?

The stupidity of it all and the waste of money by those supposedly in marketing is mind-boggling.

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Just as music companies hired “new media” armies to try and understand “new consumers” and ended up pissing off those in “traditional marketing” by alienating them and holding dumbass meetings like “Digital Days”- another excuse to travel around the world and return after having achieved fuck all except getting laid by the Chairman’s PA- this fawning over social media will be short-lived.

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There IS a place- and time- for social media, but this MUST be part of marketing today.

More and more, the roles of those in marketing are looking more and more redundant and prime examples of The Peter Principle where incompetence has been rewarded and promoted.

Much Marketing has become all about hiring outside suppliers and buying into their ideas. Why?

As bona fide marketing people, surely, you know your customers best- and if truly good marketers, you know the best ways to reach these people?

Yes, work with those who might understand social media, but the more I travel down this road, the more presentations I sit in on, I not only see dead people, I see very stupid people.

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Yes, stupid people, but who are politically smart enough to find scapegoats so that if something doesn’t work or go “viral” and buzzwords like SEOs fall flat, they can turnaround, pass the buck and say, “I don’t think that social media company was any good. Let’s hire a new one.”

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The solution?

As with anything in life, less is more and the more streamlined the creative process- and marketing is part and parcel of this process- the quicker and more effective the results.

And if a company isn’t interested in being results-oriented, they deserve to be conned and hood-winked by buzzwords, buzzcocks and walk around with blinkers on thinking their communications are reaching consumers.

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