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We all need inspiration or else to be around people who can inspire and move away from those who stare at a half-filled glass or engage in that boring dance of he-said-u-said which leads to brain freeze.

Sadly, this happens way too often, especially when people have way too much time on their hands.

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On Friday, I met up with my old friend Simon Fuller and it was such a welcome relief to be with someone who has seen it all, has done it all and is still excited about what can be done- new shows, new uses of technology, movies, new artists- but from China- musical and everything in-between.

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We discussed it all- and Guy Ritchie, Bruce Lee, the Hong Kong Jockey Club, the Beckhams, Jennifer Lopez, Welsh Labradors, China, Hong Kong, relationships and new projects.

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After I left Simon, I felt empty and back to a routine of small talk, drunk talk filled with pettiness. From elation, I tumbled down to dejection.

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But this was another late Friday night, early Saturday morning in Hong Kong and all I wanted to do was go home, clear the clutter and rid this feeling of dejection and speaking to females who spoke this strange language called Slurred.

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It made me think of just how small the “entertainment circle” is in Hong Kong with a few trying to have their tentacles reach China and Korea.

It also made me think of promoters, agents, the acts being blindly booked into casinos in Macau and just how much Hong Kong has changed- and not for the better.

This once vibrant- and important city has become a dangerously divided city of the Haves and the Have-nots, a government looking after or even controlled and financed by the property giants and the lack of support for the creative community.

Hong Kong DOES have a very good creativity but, for various reasons, they are locked out. Why? It’s Hong Kong’s penchant to move in packs.

In one way, “moving in packs” is a sense of belonging, but in another way, these “packs” move around the usual haunts and with a very warped sense of importance. The thought of working with some of these people, makes my hard-on go flaccid in a second.

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What to do? Build a creative community of our own and show a useless entity like the Government’s CreateHK how it should be done.

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I already know some people out here I would love with as part of this new creative heartbeat to Hong Kong- the duo that is The Weathering, some amazing local artists and designers with real talent and no egos and baggage and who are not legends in their own lifetime and living on whatever past glories might have once been there.

But this is 2013 and a very much fragmented world where “social media” has isolated many, killed off personal people skills, created some numbing games of Chinese Whispers and where mediocrity is accepted.

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It’s time to return to get-togethers with like-minded people who want to get this once-great city back on its feet again by actually DOING things that will travel further than Lantao and Lamma Island.

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