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Years ago and long before apps and saps and social media, Simon Fuller created a series called Pop Goes English, a fun way to learn English through pop music and a showcase for the group he was managing at the time called SClub7.

Despite having the ELT division of the Pearson Group behind the concept, it never flew as technology was not what it is today.

The wrong group to showcase the concept? Nope. SClub7- a kinda Benetton ad of young posters- were perfect though the thick English accents might not have traveled that well.

So when a friend of mine sent me the announcement below about this “new” concept for Greysan Chance, the Youtuber who sang Paparazzi and was going to sign with Ellen DeGeneres record label which remains invisible, a wry smile appeared on my face.

This is “innovative” and “out of the box”? Puhleese.

Edutainment content like this has been floating around for years- especially targeting the China market.

Some have blatantly ripped off ideas from other- I have personally been ripped off by certain “partners” who brought out quickie one-off versions and which ended there and then.

The idea of creating a product to “teach” learning to speak English through popular music is not brain surgery. It’s taking karaoke to a new consumer group and through new technology.

The key is the idea and “easy navigation” for inter-action.

Will this project by Greysan Chance work? I doubt it as it has been done before and failed while I hear that, predictably, the Korean duo Jayseelees are working on a similar concept.

Their management would be nuts not to try this route out with the duo and with a brand like Samsung as a partner.

Me, I still still stick to something started with McDonald’s Asia for the China market when at Universal Music and which “head office” never understood.

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Watch this idea resurface- and perhaps through one of the Hong Kong Jockey Club charity initiatives and where the execution will not be the idea and software and hardware will come together.

More than enough said already.

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