Some call him The Reefometer and though he has lived through being The World’s Most Elegant Human Being and all who have been in his presence over the years, still marvel at the fact that he remains alive, Keith Richards, remains the most charismatic man in Rock.

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Forget age, because like Bowie, Springsteen and the Beatles, he is timeless and ageless and keeps rocking.

Listening to the mashup at the start of this blog and repeated below, it really shows just how damn good Keith Richards has been in creating some of the greatest Rock riffs known to man.

Sure, there have been great guitar riffs from Jimmy Page, Ray Davies and Peter Townshend, but apart from all those opening pop riffs from the fertile mind of George Harrison, no one comes close to Mr. Keef.

I listen to Rolling Confusion everyday and know how tough it is for this DJ and company to clear footage and publishing Rights to create- legitimately- brilliant mash-ups like this and others.

As I have banged on previously, copyright laws and the chasm that’s always existed between the recorded and publishing sides of a music company will keep both from being financially viable and able to come together to produce music as creative as this and bringing all the different worlds of music together.

On top of this, add organizations like the BBC who are sitting on great archival footage of bands from shows like Top Of The Pops and The Old Grey Whistle Test that, for some reason, cannot be cleared and used to introduce some truly iconic performances to a new audience.

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Music has no boundaries- and so we keep hearing from those in the music industry.

But they, and only them, are still incapable of coming together and coming to grips to create a holistic music business by removing hurdles, red tape mixed with internal bickering that has gone on for far too long.

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  1. scott moyer says:

    Man…I love the sound of the drums on the 1st track….huge snare sound..Fat &..beautiful.

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