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Randy Jackson goes to great pains to point out that American Idol is a SINGING competition and this is where I think the show keeps falling down.

This season is now heading towards the winning post and with the ten finalists voted in.

Are there any potential “idols” amongst these ten? Maybe two and this is where the Dawg pining for “REAL SINGERS” seems at loggerheads with the end game for this television talent show and why some of the contestants sound so damn dated- and which I am positive Nicki Minaj has been fighting to rectify.

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But she has lost the good fight and the show is back with some young but very old school “soul singers” who have zero “idol” DNA and who I cannot see having a hit record.

They are a throwback to the shocker that was Taylor Hicks and his fake “soul” which still makes me cringe.

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Sometimes, I wonder what would have happened if Dylan, or Jagger, or Hendrix or even Bruno Mars and Pharrel Willians or Justin Timberlake entered the show.

Would they have ever made it through to the Top Ten and would The old Dawg have whined to them that the show is a SINGING competition?

No, Yo Yo, Dawg, it’s about finding someone with “pop idol” potential- the whole package- including songwriting. This is what will separate the karaoke from the real deals.

Young singers singing old songs without even changing them around is as exciting as slurping a bowl of soup.

It’s an insult to music- and why television shows like this are only open to solo contestant and not even duos, let alone bands: solo singers are far more ready to sign iron clad contracts and to control.

Hearing some big mama sing a letter-perfect copy of an Aretha hit does nothing for music. Nor does watching some youngish guy trying to channel Otis or Sam Cooke or Wilson Pickett or Dobie Grey.

This has been DONE! This is Karaoke Idol! This has also meant- season after season- some very good singers with the TOTAL package- Aubrey Cleland being the obvious talent- being sent home. Man, I hope this girl makes it.

Last week, one of the best finds on Idol- Adam Lambert- gave a concert in Hong Kong to a house that was about a fifth full.

Apart from Carrie Underwood, who has American Idol turned into Idol material?

Jennifer Hudson? She didn’t even make the top three?

Daughtry? Are they still around or have they morphed into Bon Jovi?

So with this Top Ten, Idol will plod along as usual and someone will be named winner. And then what?

Playing some malls in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines like all those other Idolers like Jason Castro, the guy who won over Adam Lambert, Lee what’s-his-name and so many others who haven’t had any bona fide hits, have been dropped from their labels, who have had their 15 minutes of fame and just plod along today.

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Meanwhile, Randy Crawford will still be screaming Yoyos and screaming how Idol is a SINGING competition while Nicki Minaj and her ear for what’s current goes to waste. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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