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Again, Nicki Minaj got it right.

Watching the semi-finals of the ten men now down to five on American Idol, it wouldn’t even take a blind man to see that despite the “baby boys” and “Boddingtons”, Ms Minaj thought all were bloody boring and dated.

Hell, there are crappy old black guys shucking and jiving crowds in clubs around Hong Kong and China who are just as good and equally bad.

Who mentioned the ubiquitous Bobby Taylor?

As contestant after contestant plodded their way through turgid ballad after ballad, it all looked and sounded like standard hotel lounge shlock.

Nicki Minaj sees this. She wants to see and hear someone current and who can be the new Usher or the new Justin Timberlake or just the new new.

The other judges seem to be confused- confused as to whether to send some of these guys through, go with what they think the Idol audience wants or have been brainwashed by Idols of old and when karaoke singers were raved about.

Remember Taylor Hicks?

Randy Jackson still seems stuck in the middle of those days.

Apart from hotel lounge singers like the cocky bloke from Hawaii- Bryant Tadeo- and his maudlin version of New York State Of Mind who was beautifully flipped off by Ms Minaj, the rest were old school “soul” guys who went into the throes of forced histrionics which could have been a great and Raw Eddie Murphy piss take when the comedian was young and relevant.

But in 2013 on a television talent show, it’s downright embarrassing and with a horrible Uncle Tom vibe to it and which middle class white folks still afraid of the big scary black man think they have to like to show they “dig” this voodoo music.

One of these old soulsters who Yo Yo Dawg raved on and on about- Vincent Powell- as did Keith Urban and Mariah Carey- has gone through- but his stay won’t be for long.

Seriously now, this old guy and his testifying? An American Idol??? My mate Bobby Taylor has more of a chance.

And one more thing: The woman from Liberia who managed to get into the Top Twenty? She’s becoming a huge slice of ham and hogging valuable camera time with her carrying on. Okay, she’s had a tough life. So have many others but we shut the fuck up and get on with life.

Watching her shucking and jiving is corny and, mercifully, Nicki Minaj is kicking out the vocal gymnastics, the jam and the old Idol corn.

Let’s hear it for the girls and, especially, Aubrey Cleland.

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  1. scott moyer says:

    Here are some thoughts on the situation with Jayesslee, the girls from down under with tons of musical Thunder. Recently I watched a sell out show they did in Malaysia and the interviews they did during that concert time. They were asked if they were coming out with an album and they shyly replied…”well…we think, soon, perhaps …a Christmas Album.” Then when asked if they write their own music, they said…”no, we only do covers so far and don’t write original music.”

    Now, having been on this planet and deeply into the music business and all aspects of it for 50 years, I was struck by a powerful chord inside that , I’m sure, has been resonating with all composers of original music.

    There was a time when the songwriter was highly needed and highly respected in the music industry because, it was he who provided the artists with the hits they needed to survive and for the record companies and song publishers to profit greatly by taking, at times, more than their fair share of profits from the success of this marriage of composer & artist.

    Case & point, the Everly Brothers sang songs by other composers and built their career on them, Elvis & most every country artist, and practically everyone before the Beatles needed and used material written by great composers..such as Carol King, Burt Bacharach, Irving Berlin, Boudeleaux Bryant, Teddy Randazzo, Mac Davis, Neil Sedaka,…the list of hit songwriters is too long to mention all.

    The songwriter and his/her composer skills was the single most significant piece of the financial musical puzzle. Without them there would be no music industry at all that we know of today……zero…nada….nothing…it would not even exist…without that initial incentive of receiving a royalty for having written and published an original song.

    Now we have these 2 very talented singers in Jayesslee who do not write music yet who could explode globally if they had original music to give them their needed Swan-Song. The catch is that there is no incentive for any songwriter to contribute to the writing process when the state of the reward for doing so has been fully reduced to a massively disrespectful situation whereby everyone believes songs are for free these days and will steal and download them for free in a heartbeat cutting out any and all potential royalties for everyone in the entire song world’s creative food chain.

    Songwriting is both an art, a profession and an industry. Or… at least,.. it used to be. Many creative people and artists suffer now because of this drastic change in the tide of ethics . Generations have come to believe that theft is the “norm” because they simply have no clue what was going on before this era and what occurred to change all of it for the worse.

    This is a very sore subject for all songwriters worldwide as well as for the royalty collecting organizations, ASCAP & BMI among others. It is simply a matter of ethics for people to honor intellectual properties by paying for them as they have centuries prior to the digital world which has reeked havoc upon the art and profession of songwriting and taken the incentive out of it for them.

    Imagine if these 2 talented singers could actually compose beautiful songs like the cover songs they are using to achieve recognition globally and attracting huge legions of dedicated fans to their concerts. Even if they did , they would be totally ripped off. Is this the way their fans will respond to what they come up with…or will fans begin to get it that they are being entertained by songs which have taken tremendous skills to write and to produce… all for the fans benefit, listening pleasure and memories.

    Great songs don’t just grow on trees. They are created by brilliant creative music conceptualists who are inspired to bring their creative ideas into the world which was a world that once could be trusted ….in the past…but one that cannot be trusted at all today. We would have no music business at all if this were the case when it all started…..we would have no great songs for these 2 girls to copy or for fans to receive the pleasure of hearing their performances.

    The unethical practices of fan greed coupled with the temptation of digital downloads has overwhelmingly killed the music business and the life of the songwriter and [potentially great songs being born. You all have shot yourselves in the foot and also killed the creative desire in the writer. What is your incentive for doing this….greed and thoughtlessness, selfishness and disrespect for not paying for what is not rightfully yours to steal.

    So these girls are in a predicament as are you along with the world’s songwriters. And only you, as a group, will decide to either respect or disrespect what you do to obtain creative & intellectual properties called songs for they are the sole creations of the writers which the artists use as a vehicle to bring to you. This whole process is a huge creative process involving heart, time, production, insight, patience, innovation, study, research, inspiration and money plus immense skills that most of you do not possess.

    Please take time to examine the next opportunity you have to pay for someone’s creative works before you decide to steal them and rob them of the livelihood they so much deserve.

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