By Hans Ebert

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I have to admit I have not watched or followed this season’s American Idol with the same almost religious zeal of previous years. Same with my friends.

Perhaps we are just scared to hear another bombastic version of You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Unchained Melody or The Greatest Hits of Whitney and Mariah.

Then again, that happened mainly during The Karaoke Cowell Years with contestants trying to second-guess what the Big Poofbah might have wanted to hear.

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Last night, we were staying in and my friend started channel surfing. After seeing repeat after repeat roll by, we stayed with American Idol.

It was the semi finals at Vegas and the girls night and I am glad we watched the program ‘cos Nicki Minaj, brought in as a judge, has forced AI to grow up and be current.

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Ms Minaj is absolutely on the money with her comments. She is not fake like Kara LaGuardia quickly became, she is frank, funny, irreverent, relevant, credible, passionate- very passionate- and makes, especially, Randy Jackson, sound dated and takes the show back to those Cowellian days of yore. Nicki Minaj is my little ladybug.

Mariah Carey and Keith Urban? Good straight men and women for Ms Minaj- one a nice guy and the other almost a parody of a diva though both do have their moments.

The new Voice of the show, however, is Nicki Minaj and one can now easily see how Idol can evolve- perhaps with the gorgeously talented Alicia Keys as a judge? Now, here is someone who can write incredibly hooky choruses.

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But it MUST be led by Ms Minaj and with it all held together by the program’s glue- the very professional Ryan Seacrest- who makes it all move smoothly and avoid any bumps and grinds along the way- along with, for once, an excellent backing band and singers.

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Speaking of voices, follow contestants Breanna Steers and, especially, Aubrey Cleland.

They are in the final five and I am willing to bet that these two are racing quinella and an exacta of Aubrey Cleland, first, Breanna Steers, second.

(Source: People)

This girl- Aubrey Cleland- is the total package- voice, presence and drop dead good looks.

(Source: American Idol)

This girl is already a star and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she hasn’t already been signed up by Jimmy Iovine to Interscope.

And having a very soft spot for female singers- good female singers- she has won my heart. Well, at least from afar.

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