By Hans Ebert

One of the toughest decisions to be made while still on this earth is to sever all relationships with what once was a tight family unit.

But, if after decades of making amends, making up, breaking up and hitting the same old bricks in the walls, it’s time to sing Vaya Con Dios, become a realist and move on.

We don’t need no education to do that. We just close the door after us and never look back. It’s over.

We all have one life to live and if that somewhat overrated god person offers you a new olive branch, take it.

As Sinatra sang, Love Is Lovelier The Second Time Around.

Don Henley singing how it’s all about forgiveness no longer rings true. Sorry, Don, but who is meant to be forgiving who even when it gets to the Heart Of The Matter?

It’s a great song, but one can only beg for forgiveness only so long before saying, man, I’m all ” forgived out,” baby cakes and I just might have found that recipe again in MacArthur Park.

Trying to conform and recreate that circle of life now makes you dizzy and confused.

Is there any more point in wasting time trying to resurrect a relationship that died long ago when new relationships are open to you and without the burden of lumping old baggage and walking on eggshells to keep everyone happy- except yourself?

Sorry, but life is too short for that bullshit. What will people say? This is more bullshit.

Most of the people who wag their fingers as much as they wag their tongues are living a lie- false marriages, dysfunctional families and staying together for the sake of a piece of paper, a ring and “the kids” though “the kids” can see through the shallowness of it all.

Family is a wonderful and magical life force when it happens naturally. But when family goes wrong and you’re constantly painted as the Ba Ba black sheep of the family, hard as it might seem the only way to keep the memory of that original family unit together is to quietly and quickly disappear.

As Pink Floyd once sang, it’s time to become comfortably numb to what once was and embrace what can and what will be forever.

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