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Did I really want to hear another version of Gangnam Style or even yet another ad which tries to ride on the coat-tails of this YouTube monster hit or watch another spoof of this Dance hit? Not really. This dead horse has been flogged to death enough.

I mean, come on, look at this sampling of PSY-chomania.

And then came an email from a friend who knows a good track from a bad track telling me I HAD to watch this- a new version of Gangnam Style which she described as “super sexy.”

With a yawn, I clicked the link and watched- with my jaw touching the ground- a very simple acoustic version of Gangnam Style.

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These two girls had completely turned the song on it’s head and, yes, it was and is super sexy in a very clean, innocent way.

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Did I miss the fact that the video didn’t have any bells and whistles and the kitchen sink thrown in? No. It didn’t matter.

Did I care where these two girls came from? Nah, I just followed them on Twitter and hope they follow back as I would love to get them out to Hong Kong.

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What makes this duo for me is their musical creativity- that surprise element which is not crass karaoke or contrived soul or jizzy uncool, old fashioned and derivative jazz.

This is simply put, good commercial music- catchy as hell and infectious and fun, something very evident in their videos.

  1. philip gurung says:

    i love u jayesslee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. scott moyer says:

    These two could be stars in any genre…put a hat and boots on them and you’ve got country stars…dress them different and they are Pop, R & B, Rockers….give them some original material and they become a new sensation….the Aussie -Asian Everly Brothers 2013…..Wouldn’t you love to hear them singing… Crying In the Rain, Let it Be me, Love Hurts or any of those classic songs….plus any Beatle tune…the list goes on…totally refreshing and tight sound…bravo…..where’s the production and artist development capital?…c’mon now!!

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