Of course, most of Hong Kong have already found the global melting pot that is Happy Wednesday at Happy Valley Racecourse.

For just ten bucks to get in, it’s the most fun one can have with their clothes on and which is all about people meeting and inter-acting with people amidst different venues, ‘live’ music and a constantly changing and fast-evolving Happy Wednesday night out in Hong Kong.

Asian Pop in the Valley

This is why the teams at Fast Track and We-Enhance have created what we call Finding Happy Wednesday. All the pieces fit together pretty fast as we really went with the flow and a rough idea of where we were going even if at times we had no bloody idea where it would all lead. Still, it was better that over-thinking something simple to death and which kills the creative golden goose and lays a bad egg in the process.

Here, we eavesdrop on the different venues and follows the adventures of Justin, an aspiring, perspiring singer, songwriter and performer who knows practically squat about horse racing- he’s getting there.

There is also his best friend Natalie who models in her spare time and is the only person we know with the patience to babysit Justin.

Then there is the Voice Of Reason in the very knowledgeable racing specialist Sarika who also happens to be an in-demand model.

Sarika also has a very big following from many in the International media who are big fans and frothing at the mouth about seeing her in person during the upcoming HK International Week. Requests to be on the show by Sarika’s overseas fans are filling up fast so let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Meanwhile, anyone who wishes to make themselves seen and heard on this unscripted and free-flowing journey of discovery and fun, fun, fun, just let us know by writing to us at info@fasttrack.hk.

Also, if you feel strongly about or support any causes that could benefit Hong Kong, let us know and talk to Justin, Sarika and Natalie about them.
We really want this idea to be as inter-active as possible, constantly evolve, be irreverent, and create our own online and on-the-ground Happy Wednesday social network.

All ideas are welcomed, and the same goes for any new talent or talent you think you might have.

Look at this show/whatever as also being a showcase for you along with the site www.fasttrack.hk

Send all and any advice, bouquets or even brickbats plus any messages to Sarika, Natalie and Justin to the same address.

In the meantime, we’ve just finished the third installment that will be out very soon. Until then, take in what has already taken place and which has made Finding Happy Wednesday a trip and a half.

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