There was a time when a “supergroup” like Blind Faith was a dream project. After all, here was Stevie Winwood from Traffic and Eric Clapton and Ginger Rogers from that other “supergroup”‘ that was Cream and Ric Gretch from Family.

But after one not very supergroup effort which had one magnificent track in “Can’t Find My Way Home”, Blind Faith saw the light and self-combusted. Their album cover with its naked underage female model was probably more talked about than the band. A real pity when one hears the beauty of “Can’t Find My Way Home” and the magnificent voice of Steve Winwood. What a great song with such truisms in the lyrics and which Allison Kraus brings to life. Gawd, she’s wonderful. I could marry her a few times over! Yes, men into music need to be with female musicians through thick and thin.

Of course, there have been some very successful projects like The Concert For Bangladesh, the first Live Aid Project, the Gorillaz project- at least the start of it.

There is then the Idol franchise, the combination of Dr Dre and Eminem, the partnership of Tim Burton and Danny Elfman and Danny Elfman and The Simpsons Theme.

More offbeat was George Harrison investing in the Monty Python movies, and Cirque De Soleil’s Love musical featuring the music of the Beatles.

Less successful projects like Jimi Hendrix opening for the Monkees, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson, McCartney again, this time with Stevie Wonder and quite a great deal more flip flops and, simply put, idiotic projects that should never have seen the light of day like Asia’s gawdawful Lotus Project which has given the world the Asian “Spicy Gals” smorgasbord called Blush.


Right now, some of the best ideas for, at least, collaborations, are happening with smashups and some better than others. If in this world of Spotify and similar music swapping sites, if we can only get rid of silly copyright laws which stifle creativity, these smashups can be taken much further and into the area of programming. Nonsensical copyright laws and those at the BBC sitting on all that great footage from TOTPs and The Old Grey Whistle Test are stopping this happening- and this must surely stop soon? Smashups must become legal and become more than some great musical combinations.

So what would be some dream projects that have as yet to see the light of day?

That’s all very subjective and open to great debate, so I’ll get the ball rolling and start things rolling by saying how I would love to see Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett work again together.

If this can’t happen, well, for me, a dream project will be Albarn and the great Ray Davies writing together for a musical based on “Waterloo Sunset” and where the Kinks meet the quirkiness of Gorillaz with, just perhaps, Jamie Hewlett, involved.

Jamie Hewlett is one of the world’s greatest designers and the music world needs his work and creativity which is what made Gorillaz such a brilliant project whose business potential was never fully realized. Pity.

Another dream project? The first Hip Hop Musical and based on the life of the legendary Bruce Lee.

Though the major problem will be getting the Rights for this from daughter Shannon Lee, who, quite rightly, is very protective over her Dad’s legacy, this is a project I actually started with a high profile Rapper when with UMG but which never got off the ground due to peripheral vision and egos not being checked at the door.

Frankly, only one person can pull this off- Jay Z.

He has the vision and the clout to bring the entire world of Hip Hop to make this work around the world and where the armies of Bruce Lee fans grow and are getting younger every day as people are discovering martial arts and learning what made Bruce Lee the unique Little Dragon that he was and still is.

Chuck Norris? Gawd, please. That would be like comparing Donovan to Dylan.

Here’s the deal: There’s a great deal of talk, there are sites, there are apps, there are plenty of saps and there is much ado about music except for real ideas to make music travel further and stand out from all the clutter instead of MUSIC being more clutter no one needs.

These days, I have been cutting back on the freeloaders, free ideas and being the host for free lunches and free everything else and very careful as to when to use my roller deck. None of this gets anyone anywhere and it’s got me nowhere other than wasting my time, picking up strays in the process who have slowed me down.

Burning bridges? No, it’s more like bombing bridges to start afresh and actually doing new things with the “right people” and making things happen instead of talking about Ifs and buts that don’t benefit you in the slightest and where you end up with nothing except inheriting a headache and some mooches.

Music has never been an exacting science. It’s about passion and creating one’s own journey and finding ways to get there are own it, baby.

Get it?

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