We have heard shitty bands, but how on earth did these knobs called Airborne get a gig at the Hard Rock Cafe in Macau?

And we hear, it wasn’t cheap.

Whoever booked them should be fired.

As for Airborne, we think they have nose-dived, crashed and burned.


Why does the UK/US/Europe think they can send their white trash to Asia?

And which self-respecting marketing person with an iota of musical sense, would book a band like Airborne?

This band is absolute C-R-A-P- and you’ll be staggered how much they were paid to play in Macau, CHINA.

This China label must go- and same with the India label.

Huh? Lady Gaga wants to break into the Indian music market?

For what?

To be another Akon- and where is he today?

Like the little island called Sri Lanka where I was born, there are sadly, what I call, toadies and cockeyed optimists.

These are Asians who say one thing and mean another or else have no idea about the BUSINESS side of music.

For years, I have been bugged by Indian- and Sri Lankan- “dudes” with deals for J-Lo, Nicole what’s-her-name, Nicky Minaj, Snoop Dogg etc and mentioned fees in the millions for a song in a Bollywood musical or for one gig. It’s never ever been a career making market. It cannot be. It’s simply not International enough.

Sorry, it’s Peter Sellers-type Birdie Num Num corn.

Sorry, folks but Akon’s success in India was a fluke- and his time is up.

Us Asians really are Gullible’s Travels- and I have a Copyright on that title!

It amuses me about the upcoming Nokia-sponsored music marketing conference in India which includes a heavyweight like Steve Lillywhite alongside a blogger like Bob Lefsetz at a time when Nokia has announced huge losses for its Q3.

Guess, Nokia will fleece India for as long as it can- and with those Indian music “dudes” opening their legs wider and saying, Yes, please f*** us over again.



Why someone like Steve Lillywhite would attend a music conference in India also amuses me.

Over to you, Mr. Lillywhite.

Why? To “understand” the market?

Have lunch with me and I’ll tell you- along with all the dirty little industry secrets.

What’s in it for you and none of that “potentially one of the world’s biggest music markets in the world” crap?

I repeated that mantra about China AND India when at EMI for as long as I could until guilt consumed me.

What The Big Bob will blog about, well, it’s coming to the end of 2012 and, really, who in Asia, or anywhere else for that matter, gives a flying fuck?

Sorry, I just don’t get any of this: Those who hold the purse strings for booking music acts into places like the Hard Rock in Macau, but who know nothing about music- and that India will ever become a truly International music market.

Yes, and pigs can fly.


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