I must admit, I had never heard of Russian Red except for some positive rumblings about the Spanish lead singer- Lourdes Hernandez who sings in that Bjork-type of childlike voice which many Scandinavian singers have. It’s cute..

Are they/her any good? Sure- in a retro Indie kinda way- and recently sold out gigs in Singapore, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong with no trouble.

Listening to the track above, it brings to mind The Shirelles, the Crystals, the Shangrilas and that mad Professor Spector conjuring up his Wall Of Sound by adding maracas, tambourines etc onto a 4-track and bumping these tracks and creating a Pop Symphony.

It’s also probably what made him crack and end up shooting some poor woman.

Like Denmark’s brilliant Raveonettes and the now seemingly-lost Astro Galaxy Tour, Russian Red is charming, innocently ironic Retro-pop which has an infectious quality to it.

Oh, Mette, Mette, you are still so damn sexy and amazing!

Getting back to Russian Red, WE like- VERY MUCH.

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