A reader recently wrote in about how the contestants left on “American Idol” are “bland”. It was a very appropriate word about much of the music we either hear, or are “allowed” to hear and a music industry that is incredibly, well, bland as it run by equally bland people.

Perhaps bland is “in” and, despite, all this talk- especially on “Idol”- about being “fearless”, few really know or understand what this word means and how being TOTALLY different is something which is eventually drummed outta town- and the industry.

I was really LISTENING to the new Lady Gaga track, “Judas” last night. Much has been said and written about the accompanying VIDEO but, sorry, Gaga fans, apart from “Paparazzi” and “Bad Romance”, her other SONGS always seemed like Madonna cast-offs and, well, bland, and listening to this song- even the song title is contrived.

REALLY listening to it, she is one VERY weak songwriter. It’s the same old song patched up again and again and just  numbingly repetitious and seemingly written in a very calculated matter to get maximum media exposure to win over her fans.

Compare “Judas” with “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics or many of this duo’s videos- and SONGS. There is NO comparison other than the fact that music today sure as hell ain’t “fearless” It has been pussy-whipped and camouflaged into great blandness. 

Sure, one cannot take away the theatrics, the meat dresses, the egg dresses etc in which she has created a money-making and media-savvy persona, but take away all that and there is nothing- NOTHING- there except for vapidness and repetition on 12-inch heels.

Elton John, bless his cotton socks, might have gone out looking like Carmen Miranda and Liberace, but he had an ARMY of GREAT SONGS behind him and a great co-songwriter in Bernie Taupin:  “Your Song”, “Rocket Man”, “Tiny Dancer”, “Bennie And The Jets”, “Daniel”, “Philadelphia Freedom” etc etc.


Today, Lady Gaga stands out ‘cos everyone else is just so f-ing bland. Lady Gaga is contrived and “media manipulative smart”- like Madonna.

Cher, now Cher, was the real deal. She was just out there ‘cos she WAS out there. She still is.  It’s almost as if Gaga has been shopping in her closet.


Watching most recording artists being interviewed on television, it’s like leafing through some fashion magazine- a bland one- and with each one naming their designers. It’s all reflective of the music- the bland music- they put out.

I watched a bit of “Married To Rock “, or whatever it’s called- peroxided blondes with boob jobs and on the road with their Rock Star husbands.


Steve Stevens is a BRILLIANT guitarist, but being one of the stars of this show made me think how blandness might have set even for him.

Again, it made go back and think about artists like Jimi Hendrix, Marc Bolan, David Bowie, even Boy George and just how “out there” they looked and how OUT THERE, they took their MUSIC.

Once upon a short time ago, Norah Jones was called “bland” and nicknamed “Snorah” Jones.

Compared to most of what I am hearing today, “Snorah” Jones is downright cutting edge.

  1. SasPepper says:

    That’s it! By George you’ve got it. “Bland IS the new black”. Or vice versa, lol. Everything overproduced, overmanipulated and autotuned down to conform to some record label or tv executive’s idea of what will sell.
    Everything molded according to some formula that will fit into radio’s narrow little categories so it will be accepted. It’s like all real creativity is living underground, never able to reach the surface. Or maybe we’ve forgot how to recognize it.

  2. Azuka says:

    Well, Well, Hans. Welcome to the world of bland glam.

    GaGa also raided Grace Jones’ wardrobe. Fun while it lasted. Copyiing is her brand.

    Will always love Jimi and David-the real deal. This is what music is missing.

    Thanks. Have a nice weekend.



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