“American Idol” got serious last night. The judges argues amongst themselves- well “The Dawg” and Jennifer Lopez did as Steven Tyler stayed in his own very special zone.

Randy Jackson- and Jennifer Lopez- dissed Jimmy Iovine for asking Hayley to sing an unknown and yet-to-be recorded Lady Gaga song.  “The Dawg” was right and there is a reason it hasn’t been recorded: It sucks.

More importantly, two of the performances were the best yet- and better than many POP records out today.

I’m not saying that the performances were of Utopian qualities, but they were as good as any, especially, Country artist around today. And which segues neatly into Scotty McCreery.

For months now, I have been wondering what this one trick pony was doing hanging around. His one USP seems to be  low voice, he sings very simple songs, he never raises a sweat and is like some 16-year-old Perry Como- a very white “old” soul.

Last night, however, with the performance of his first song, “Gone”, it was a different Scotty McCreery.

The kid rocked- well, gently, but it was the perfect lightweight performance for the audience that VOTES for these “Idols”- and they are not just “kids”.

As a viewer and if I had to manage the careers of any of these contestants, I would pick him.

Sure, James Durbin is the show’s “resident rocker” and each week he seems to be morphing into a beefy the son of ZZ Top or Meat Loaf- but, again, in his own gentle way, McCreery rocked.

Jennifer Lopez was right: His performance DID look like it could have be part of a show- his. And, later, when he came out, played it nice and safe for the Mums and Dads and sang, “Always On My Mind”, one could see this kid touring on his own and singing covers- no problem.

In the world of Nashville and Country Music, Scotty McCreery is gonna go far. Plus- and I have argued this point over the years with many- at his AGE, he IS someone who can be truly called an “American IDOL.” He is YOUNG enough to be an “idol” to young kids. A thirty-year-old “Idol” has always never made sense to me.

Though I still feel James Durbin will win, I remain unsure what type of record he will make and found both of his performances shaky.

His cover of the 30 Seconds To Mars track was hideously shrill and sharp and though there was “emotion” in his version of  Peter Ham and Tom Evans’ “Without You”, he is certainly no Harry Nilsson.

The girl who keeps surprising me is Hayley. Okay, the Lady Gaga discard was a lemon, but her version of “House Of The Rising Sun” was SUPERB. It could be a hit if recorded and released today.

Wait: It is. On iTunes. But I am talking about it being released with a stunning music video and some aggressive promotion.

If she drops her penchant to growl a la Casey Abrams, she really has everything else going for her.

Going, going and now gone is Jacob Lusk and, after his two performances, he had to.

Not knowing if he was a man or woman and then giving up and singing  both parts of the Jordin Spark-Chris Brown duet “No Air”- Brown seems to have fallen on tough times to be recording duets with a B-lister like Miss Sparks- was almost surreal and downright trippy.

His clumsy, clunky dance moves, the choice of the song and his voice going totally off-tune was funny to watch but also embarrassingly painful and the “Dawg” was right in everything he said about this performance: It was weirdly wacky.

Jacob returned, this time to murder the great “Love Hurts” and which must have hurt his  nuts like crazy as he hit notes sooooo high the neighbourhood dogs were howling like banshees in heat. It was truly wretched and has given me a toothache. 

The other contestant- Lauren Alaina? Eh. She seems like she has a “momager” behind her and is just plain gooey and should be the next to go.

Her carrying-on when in the bottom two with Jacob Lusk made me think that somoene has made this girl believe she is gonna win this competition. She won’t.

And though it really doesn’t matter who wins “the crown”- and I still think it will “James, The Rocker”- Scotty McCreery will be HUGE doing what he does, never raising a sweat, being clean-cut and touring to throngs of young girls and their parents. He is where the money is.

There was some awful skit with, er, Gordon Ramsay and the contestants and Jennifer Lopez performed on Elimination Night.

The song? Eh. Her “singing”? Mouse-like. But who cares when one has this stunning 40-year-old all-woman to watch writhing all over the floor?


  1. Azuka says:

    Thanks Hans. The Lady Gaga lemon that Haley sang was purely a PR excercise. GaGa sang the same song yesterday on Oprah, Today show and more. So who wins here?

    In my view appointing new judges was a clever disguise for us to view the programme differently. Yes some did but others saw right through the scam. Judging has been very poor!! Still the same reality show that produces short term stars with very few long term artists.

    If Scotty/James wins I do not care. Yes, Haley has been impressive but she would have been better off going on ‘The Voice’. Been the first on a show seems to work in the long run.



  2. SasPepper says:

    I thought you didn’t care about American Idol. I don’t care about American Idol anymore and so I am finding the entertainment more enjoyable; such as Ryan pouring popcorn over Steven Tyler’s head while they pretend Jennifer Lopez is actually performing live.
    Jacob Lusk didn’t stand much of a chance after Randy pronounced his first big stage performance the best performance ever in all the years of American Idol. No place to go but down. I’m just sorry that Jacob didn’t get to the final and win; it would have been great fun to watch Iovine and Nigel sweating out that result. After all if Jimmy wanted someone to follow lady Gaga’s path, Jacob could have outdone her in controversial OTT performance and outrageous garb. Why didn’t he get the Gaga tune? I’m going to miss him. Everyone else is so bland.

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