Another round of “American Idol” will roll around or lumber along today and- you know what?- who cares? Jacob, James, Hayley, Mills, Glenn, Eric de Fontenay, Darryl, Douglas, Hans, Heinz, Han- who f-ing cares?

Though I shall always be impressed with the sheer viewing power of  “Idol” and how it can make even the most lame of performers household names and water cooler talk- speaking of which, Lee DeWyze will perform in Hong Kong later this month- this show and what the judges are wearing, what they have to say, who will win, who will come second etc- has no interest.

Perhaps I suffered enough writing about Season Nine of the show and have seen how little it has all meant to the contestants.

Come on, Lee DeWyze in HONG KONG???? Does anyone even know TWO of his songs???? Worse, does anyone know A song by the guy?

Who the hell will show up to see LEE DEWYZE???

And does the world really need ANOTHER television talent show? Today- at least for a few hours- “The Voice”- is the flavour of the day. But, how long before those swirling chairs start to get rickety and contestants on THIS show being cast-offs from “Idol”?

I watch Adam Lambert- and I am a huge fan of the guy’s voice, he was very nice when we met and he is brilliant ‘live’… and he has become more of a celebrity for doing, well, not much recently, than being quoted and having Joan Rivers take the piss outta him.

Where’s the new MUSIC, Adam- and if the label is holding things up, try and get outta the contract. You are starting to become a caricature and there are just so many more “remixes” of that first record one can take.

Is he still even being managed by 19 Entertainment and which is now called X1X? Dunno.

I just see the months and years going by and not much “new product” and a guy who has been around the block long before “Idol” and when I first saw him at a supper club in LA getting older but not wiser.

Sorry, but it means naught to me- nor should it to most- about what he nor any other “Idolers” think of this season’s contestants etc.

We have had enough of quotes from real and quasi celebrities- Pia Toscano- remember her from “Idol” a few months ago and the screaming and yelling about her “elimination”?-  and her boyfriend has made the leap from complete unknown to an E! Entertainment “celebrity”. 

It’s all “content” to these “showbiz channels” and I feel we are looking for or NEED something and someone REAL and tangible.

In his own, crazy, f***ed way, maybe Charlie Sheen is right in his “fight” against conventionality and becoming a “warlock” in process.

It is just so dead, dull and downright desperate out there, I can hear the perspiration. I see NO new REAL game changers in music. I just see the same old names and faces becoming older and charlatans having their 15 minutes of fame. Yes, a new con and a new con man is born every second.

A friend sent me two videos of two FANTASTIC talents today- the amazing dancer Razy Gogonea and singer-songwriter Sara Niemetz. 


I watched this video, saw the paucity of “YouTube views” and then thought about all the adulation heaped on this season’s “Idolers”.This girl runs rings around them. She has that something which one can immediately hear and see is raw talent that can be developed. But will it be developed and by whom?

Thank gawd for Ellen and bringing this girl into the mainstream, so to speak, but I also think back tot all that fuss about her leaving “Idol” and signing up another “YouTube sensation” in Michael Greyson Chance and the setup of her record label. That was over a year ago.

What happened to the label-  . What’s happening to Michael Greyson Chance and was he more “content” and simply more “YouTube hits”? “YouTube hits” and then what? And why has no one ever asked Ellen about what all that trumpeting about her music label was all about? ‘cos it’s- whoa- Ellen? She can do no wrong?

Oprah can do no wrong? Look at what happened at her school in Africa- and how the publicists huddled and made the big bad bogey man go away.

As for Sara Niemetz, sure, there will be the comparisons to Adele, but this girl, to me, has far more talent than anyone who has been on “Idol” this season.  She just doesn’t have the Idol Hype Factory behind her.

What’s next for her? Who knows. Stay a “YouTube sensation” and be seen on someone’s Facebook page? 

Bottom line: Once upon a time, we fought damn hard against hype. We could smell it a mile off- in music acts, in people who talked the talked but who would stumble and fall at the first hurdle. We made things happen- for ourselves and by ourselves.

Yet today- and ironically, in this DIY world we keep repeating like some bad mantra caught up in some cog in the wheel going nowhere,  the ability to think for ourselves and DO for ourselves seems to be lacking. There is a big difference in having that Can Do Spirit and DIY.

There is also a need to call out the Shuck and Jive masters, the absolute losers, the fakers and the fakirs, and which seems to have been silenced.

We have become too polite, TOO nice, we suffer fools TOO gladly. And once that happens, we become sad sack lemmings just “doing” for the sake of “doing”, tolerating ineptitude and pretenses for gawd knows what reasons and which leads to a lack of passion- it’s called apathy- and, eventually, being screwed over.

When it comes to music, we are used and manipulated every day- yes, like in life itself. We are media-fed, we are gullible and we cannot see the guys in the white hats from those who wear black.

Everywhere, especially new artists are being made promises by charlatans which they cannot keep. I watch talent like Razy Gogonea and think, bloody amazing, but what is he going to DO with this talent? Where can it live and grow outside of “Britain’s Got Talent”? Who is going to help him?

Who is going to take a talent like Sara Niemetz and help make her heard on something other than a new medium where one is heard today and gone tomorrow?        

  1. Azuka says:

    Thanks. Hans I forgive you this time lol.

    OH Mouse you made me laugh with the thought of Adam doing hip hop and rap which he clearly hates. I think he will rather call it a day than to put out music like that will be career suicide!.

    Hans and yourself are right he is a brilliant live performer which should make him a fortune. But for me his brand is also linked with humanitarianism. He is also spiritual and has the gift of kindness combine all these things he could have a career like Bono/MJ/Elvis although might not be on their scale. He just has to work out his sound-which has not come through yet but not like everyone else. He is no gaga and thank God-i feel she is on he way out lol. He is very charismatic and has the x factor. And Hans he is not old. He is young by todays standards lol. Oh and dont forget he can do opera/classicals. Well indeed the sky is the limit for our Adam. Reinvention anyone!



  2. Azuka says:

    Mouse you are right. Patience Hans lol. He is writing music right now.

    However Adam will be off to Russia end May and Quebec in July for live performances.

    In this music climate am sure he has plan B. As a live performer he has a lot of options. I would not rush out an album like the last one. So the pace is right to me.

    What am praying for is TV/films offers. He really needs to diversify ASAP.

    As for ‘The voice’ Maybe another distraction but it seems there is a ‘gap’. Haven’t we filled the gap with Simon Cowell’s shameless ‘Xfactor LOL.



    • We-Enhance says:

      Heya, Azuka, pls see reply to Mouse. Then kill me. LOL!

      • We-Enhance says:

        Mice are nice:)…

        What happens is these “Idolers” are signed on the back of the television exposure, and, for many, the music company then has no idea what to do with them as there is a “new crop” to deal with.

        Wait until X Factor starts up and whose music company is also Sony and which which is why “Idol” moved in with Universal Music. Those from “Idol” and still with Sony and its various labels will “languish”.

        Honestly, there are no long-term career plans in place for these contestants as there are “priority acts” to look after.

        No matter what “sales” they have done- and these are based on ship-out numbers and never based on returns- they are waaaaay down the pecking order.

        As for covers, what I meant was ONE cover- “Wild Boys”- done his way- not an entire album’s worth of them though there are “covers” and there are covers.

        Some of the originals on Adam’s first record were really- to me- weak- despite Max Martin etc writing some.

        The music never matched the hype before the record release.

  3. Mouse says:

    Hans, isn’t Lambert getting new album this fall and new single this summer? Isn’t two years between albums just right time span?

    • We-Enhance says:

      Not really, Mouse, not for a new artist. Two years between records is a “prerogative” of U2, Coldplay etc…

      As a newbie- and I tried to sign Adam up in 2006 but was “vetoed” by the Big Guys running the company at the time- he should have done his “Idol” contractual release- and it was an awful album- and then produced something new way before know.

      I remember talking to him re-doing “Wild Boys” with Duran Duran or alone. Simon [Fuller] told me that he was not into doing “covers”. Silly.

      If it’s a great version of a cover it’s a great song.

      A newbie writing a WHOLE album can be a daunting task.

      That first album was a tepid mish mash- and certainly not “glam”. It was way off strategy and just hard for “radio play”.

      If I were his label, I would NEVER have let that through. It was 14 tracks too many.

      So, to me, I think the guy is brilliant ‘live’ but if he does not get some new product out- a brand new single, an EP- he falls into the “been there, done that” category.

      And this next record MUST be AMAZING and not some horrible Max Martin Factory knock off. Cheers….

      PS Would LOVE to hear him do a duet with Adele.

      • Mouse says:

        Hans, I really appreciate your insight, but unfortunately it seems that for “Idols” speed is not an option. Check this out:
        With the exception of Kelly Clarkson, none of them had new album of ORIGINAL music within 1 year.
        I doubt that Mr.Lambert would like to have Christmas album (he is Jew to begin with), or album full of covers a la’ Susan Boyle. To me it’s a career suicide for any new artist.
        But what do I know? I’m just a Mouse… :)

      • Mouse says:

        I have no idea where my post will appear, but anyway..
        Yes, mice are nice. :-)
        Only Traveling Wilburys were able to write and record great album in ten days. It takes MUCH longer for Idols to make one. And usually crappy one.
        I have that gut feeling that RCA had absolutely no idea what to do with Lambert. Hence his mish-mash album.
        I think that his future bread and butter will be in performing. Old songs, new songs, covers, whatever. He was born to do it. Can you imagine being paid for doing what you love to do? Total bliss.
        Duet with Adele? Maybe. I want him to do duet with Amy Winehouse (does she still sing??) Or Pink.
        And God , please save him from any idiotic ideas that his label might have to make him do collaboration with hip-hop or rap-crap artists.

      • We-Enhance says:

        A duet with Pink was talked about months ago. I mean, she co-wrote, What Do You Want From Me.

        Yep, ‘live’ is Adam’s strong suit and it would be great to try and get this “atmosphere” onto a record.

        RCA are clueless.

      • Mouse says:

        Fans already took care of his duet with Pink.. :-)
        Their voices blend well..

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