It’s all about The Dress – and who designed it- and what shoes were worn with The Dress and the hairstyle which went with The Dress and the shoes and the earrings which went with with The Dress, the shoes, the hairstyle etc. Well, you get the drift.

Everywhere you look- television, online magazines, anything to do with MUSIC, it’s all  about who WORE what, what they looked like, who looked better, who should be “reported” to the Fashion Police. No wonder Lady Gaga feels the need to arrive in “meat dresses” and “eggs”.  It’s all about the show and the music is a co-star in the show.

We’re not just talking about the women either. It’s also all about The Suit and The Jacket and the Bow Tie and the Sneakers etc.

Okay, I can KINDA – but not really- understand the fuss over Kate Middleton’s wedding dress and who designed it and the knock-off versions available- how it was “old Hollywood” and “like the wedding dress Grace Kelly” wore, but this pre-occupation with what celebrities- and musicians have become celebrities more than musicians- WEAR has reached pandemic proportions and with everyone being a critic. Even Kelly Osbourne, surely not the most fashionable of people and the great unknown Giuliana Rancic on E! Entertainment.

Rancic even has a “reality” show with her equally unknown husband- Bill who was the first winner of “The Apprentice”- about their lives as newlyweds. Honestly.

At least, on Osbourne and Rancic’s Fashion Police show, apart from the now ubiquitous gay co-host- they have become the equivalent of the British judge on television talent shows- there is that Grande Dame Joan Rivers to give the show some chutzpah and great below-the-belt lines.

For example, about a dress worn by Heidi Klum: “If you were married to Seal, you’d also have a big slit”. About a dress work by the openly gay Cynthia Nixon, one of the actresses from “Sex And The City: “I know lesbians like gardening but this is ridiculous”.

Of course being Asia and there being an “Asian version” of E!, this  penchant to know who is wearing what on “the red carpet” and who designed it and who looks best and who should be reported to the Fashion Police, has set in- and as a word-for-word clone.

Yes, the old social pages has now become a television series and, I guess, people love it- this vicarious look at who wore what no matter no matter how unknown they might be.

The old adage- Clothes Maketh The Man- has taken on a new meaning for Women.

So, on TMZ, Hollyscoop, E! BBC Lifestyle etc etc, trotted out are the Kardashians and what they are wearing, good old Paris Hilton and what she is wearing, what Lindsay Lohan wore to court- and there has been much coverage of this as she has spent so much TIME in front of real-life court judges- the clothes Jennifer Lopes wears on “American Idol”- and also what Steven Tyler and even “Deputy Dawg” wear.

A few weeks ago, even the CONTESTANTS on the show were “judged” on who looked good wearing their fashions.!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/feature_416/image.jpg

Someone asked me a few months ago, “Man, what happened to REAL rock bands? Dude, why can’t four guys just get up there and PLAY?”

Why or why not?

Sadly, bands are just not fashionable and no one wants to see four guys in jeans and t-shirts up there “digging it”.

Come to think of it, even Hendrix- and the Experience- had to be “fashionable” to first get recognized.

But to today, it’s ALL about solo artists like Rihanna, will. i. am, The Bieb, Usher, Black Eyed Peas etc. 

Music is playing second fiddle to fashion designers diddle and fiddle while “Rome” and music- “burns”. 

How long will this go on or have we reached a point of no return?

Who knows? You tell me. 

  1. Fernando says:

    There’s always been a connection – it pre-dates pop. Perhaps the dangerous trend has been musicians & stylists following fashion, rather than creating it.

  2. scott says:

    If it hadn’t been for Beatles manager, Brian Epsteiin, John Paul George and Ringo would still be in Jeans and Leather Jackets playing in dark, dank clubs for a few quid. He put them in suits and great tailor-styled clothes that set fashion trends that exist today. From their Beatle boots to the tip of their Beatle haircuts they were all about fashion ….and …oh …yes…all about the song. They looked sharper than all British rockers combined save maybe Ray Davies and Brian Jones. Before them it was Elvis and all those who copied his trend. linking him to the Beatle era. After The Beatles it was a free for all to create whatever new look they possibly could.

    • We-Enhance says:

      Yes, the fashion/style enhanced the music but it never took away from the songs, the musos, the producer and engineer. Now it’s all about the stylist and the publicist. It’s all style over substance.

  3. Cat says:

    Funny thing, I’ve heard the same thing from emerging fashionistas in L.A. as well…time to meld the two – maybe.

    • We-Enhance says:

      As long as it starts with the music or the song. Perhaps then, there can that great divide between real musicians and celebrities. Somehow, the lines have become blurred.

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