Dealing With Divas- great title for a book, by the way- is never easy. When Jennifer Lopez joined the “American Idol” crew, there were murmurs of, “Oh, oh”.

Despite not having had a hit movie in decades and despite having been dropped by Sony Music, Jennifer Lopez aka J-Lo was and is a celebrity.

She is back bigger than ever- as the “leading judge” on “Idol”, she has been named “The World’s Most Beautiful Woman”, her first single for her new record label is a hit and she is just drop-dead beautiful.

Now comes news abut how she was actually first approached to be a judge on “X Factor” and hot on the heels of that, her telling the media that she doesn’t know if she will “return as a judge” on “Idol” and is taking things “one day at a time”.

Stalling tactics? Haggling for the pay hike- a rumour which was rife before she being named as a judge on the show?

If true, how will this affect Steven Tyler? Does he care? Is the inter-action of the two on the show perhaps a teeny bit, er, cold? It doesn’t matter about “Dawg”. He can leave and “Idol” can bring in Jamie Foxx or will i am. The “Dawg” might need a “save” for himself.

Perhaps as a way to placate Jennifer Lopez, Simon Fuller, creator of the “Idol” juggernaut, and she will launch a new show title “Que Viva”- another singing competition- to find new Latin American talent and with hubby Mark Anthony in tow.

Is this Jennifer Lopez upping her ante and leveraging her popularity? Possibly. She’s so damn hot and popular she can do and demand whatever the hell she pleases right now.

On the negative side, she and her recording company and producer have been accused of plagiarism by a Bollywood songwriter for her current hit, “On The Floor”.

The composer, Bappi Lahiri has been quoted as saying,. “Jennifer Lopez’s new song ‘On the Floor’ that has a Lambada-sampling, and has become a huge hit, is identical to my song ‘Sochna Kya Jo Bhi Hoga Dekha Jayega’. The opening tune is the same. I brought Lambada to India 19 years ago, and she has done it now. The credit goes to me,” Lahiri continued explaining similarities between the new song and his own. Hmmm, I really don’t know if his argument/case has any merit. It seems a bit desperate.

This is not the first time Jennifer Lopez was hit with copyright infringement. Earlier this year when “On the Floor” was first released, it drew comparison to Kat De Luna’s  “Party O’Clock”. Strangely [?] both tracks were produced by RedOne.

As for Ms Lopez and “Idol”, where will all this end?

Well, if Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez only signed one year contracts to be judges on “American Idol”, perhaps the show was always set to bow out in style at the end of this season and head off Cowell’s “X Factor”- also on Fox- at the pass with something so outta left field that whatever he does will look tame and lame.

Naming more than one winner this season, might just be this ace in the hole.              

  1. Azuka says:

    Jennifer has always been a smart woman. Her career revival is a good sign that she has futher to go. It seems to me ‘be on a reality show’ and your career might just take off. Its worked for jenny. But what next.

    Its her films that needs some kind of reinvention. Maybe the reality show would do that as well Lets hope the same will happen to poor Christina Aguilera-GaGa killed her. what a voice!

    Oh will we see a reality movie show in the future?



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