I was half-joking when I first mentioned it, but I really believe there will be no outright winner of “American Idol” and that the show should end right now with Jacob Lusk named “Gospel Idol”, Casey Abrams named “Jazz Idol”, Scottie name “Country Idol”, the hugely made-over Lauren Alaina named “Teen Idol”, James Durbin named “Rock Idol” and Haley Reinhart named “Adele Idol”.

Perhaps it’s just me, but, right now and with Season 10 coming to a close,  it really doesn’t longer matters who wins. It doesn’t matter what the judges have to say, ‘cos it just, well, doesn’t matter. It’s just ear candy.

It also doesn’t matter if Mariah Carey is now “the other judge” on “X Factor”.

Perhaps those of us who have followed these television talent shows have grown up, grown down, or just come to our senses and realize that nothing which happens to contestants on this show matters that much- not even to them after they disappear from screens. It’s fifteen minutes of fame minus a few seconds.

Watching David Cook perform his new record on the show showed just how irrelevant the guy is today and just how “generic” his music is. It’s pop fluff not worth releasing.

I read a recent interview with Paul McDonald who mentioned that he went on the show to get his band, Grand Magnolias, more exposure. And it has worked: Sales of the Grand Magnolias record is up 146%.

He also mentioned- for the umpteenth time- that he is dating actress Nikki Reed. Who IS Nikki Reed and why is this so f***ing important to him? He’s sounding and behaving like a groupie.

So, if most of the contestant see “A1″ as being a great short-cut for maximum exposure, why are fans of this show so rabid and why do “exclusively” “Idol” bloggers- please, please, I am not one: I love the business side of the show- take all these performers each week so seriously? Habit?

They wants BIG hits and just wait and see what they do to make Pia Toscano’s new record mega- and who WILL have a record out way before any A1 Winner- and a career. She’s already set to appear on “Dancing With The Stars” with boyfriend Mark Ballas. Her exit has only helped fast-track her career.


Watching Casey Abrams and Hayley Reinhart, especially, last week, I could “see” and “hear” where they could be heading as far as their records are concerned.

 Casey kinda creeps me out at times, but his rendition of the Maroon5 song- “Harder To Breathe”- was very VERY good.

He mixed it up and made the song his. Hamming it up with Jennifer Lopez and planting a wet one on her cheek made me cringe, but guess this was “good television” and makes good “water cooler talk”.


Haley Reinhart singing the current Adele hit- “Rolling In The Deep”- showed the musical direction SHE maybe taking whereas James Durbin- and his new haircut- and version of “Uprising” by Muse which includes a blast of Blondie’s “Call Me”  was theatrical without knocking me out.

Adam Lambert would have knocked this same song outta the park and it kinda pisses me off why the judges never mention “The Glambert”. 

It will be unfortunate if Universal Music puts far more muscle into the recording of the debut James Durbin recording while Sony Music limps along with the recording side of Lambert’s career.

He really should record his own version of “Wild Boys” and with a cameo appearance by Duran Duran or appear as a regular on “Glee”.  

Back on A1, Scottie McCreery played it safe again and sung some easy-listening 12-bar Country song and can be good for 1-2 albums. That’s it. He looks more like having his own TV series or a movie career whereas Stefano Langone who was finally booted off the show last week, could be the new Tony Danza.    

As for the rest of the show, there were a few bleeps, Randy Jackson dropped a few more names and Casey Abrams was the only contestant to not appear and make any “humourous” comments about Haley Reinhart. Maybe they’ve broken up.

Meanwhile,  Jennifer Lopez is well and truly now running the judges panel, Steven Tyler seems to know his job is done and has switched off and is on auto-pilot and all I kept thinking was what the hell was that red splotch on the left cheek of the Aerosmith front man.

Who will win the competition? Totally not interested.

Bring on the records and let’s see what these people can do other than covers.


  1. Azuka says:

    Its like there would be 5 different ‘indie pop idols’ if you ask me. While I commend American idol on energising the show its only just that. Nothing else.

    I was sad to hear what David Cook had to offer. It seems to me after been away for almost 3 years RCA/Cook is lacking in imagination or creativity or both. Maybe there is more to the album lets wait and see.

    If I have one big wish It would be if there was another outlet for Adam Lambert to present his music I wish it was not on a reality show. But it is what it is. He had no other choice open to him. He understands what it means to be openly gay in the entertainment industry. They would rather you are not out. I love him for who he is, his talent is phenomenal, he has ‘it’ without trying too hard, his charisma and communication skill has never been seen on Idol.

    What about James Durbin? Is he a match for Adam? Not really. But as you said Hans if the record company rolls out a better deal for him I do not think it would affect Adam that much. They are so different. He has not got most of Adam’s qualities but he is a nice lad. Its not only singing and performing that matters. Isnt there a new CEO at RCA? Maybe Adam will fair better.

    By the way the reason they are not mentioning Adam’s name is that they fear him. They know that there is no one like him no matter how they want to make us forget about Adam. He is not erasable. I am sure Adam is not worried and is laughing at all the fuss. I would hope that the fandom will stop been so threatening. Ah now I remember why I moved away from that. Its pathetic! You know I could not complete James’s offer on of ‘Uprising’ because of the screaming than singing it was very unpleasant. Impressive yes but nothing else. I feel that James will front an indie band it would be better for him.

    Like you Hans, if I were Adam I will start looking for another outlet in the entertainment industry to make my mark. For the music industry no matter how great you are these days and from a reality show its not 100% safe as it use to be-well sometimes they get rid of you. He needs to speak to JLo-ok maybe not a great example but she did music and films to effect even though most of the films were diabolical. But am sure Adam can do better than her. He will be great in fantasy films. In fact he said this once. That’s why I love him he knows where he would be effective.

    I do not think the X-factor will fair any better. With every year a new replacement its no wonder the artist is not given enough time to blossom and its move over to the next ‘big thing’? Oh the next instant cash and only to be disposed of. Shows like these should be every other year if you ask me. But then there is the money. This link says it all about Syco’ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1379702/X-Factor-mogul-Simon-Cowell-dumps-Joe-McElderry-Shayne-Ward.html#ixzz1KMGBhdS7

    Thanks Hans for your great thoughts.



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