Is “American Idol” about to be the game-changer of television talent shows and produce a real shocker at the end of this season which will rain on the parade of Simon Cowell’s “X Factor”and make all the current hype about “the new judge” and sound-bites from only confirmed judge- “L.A” Reid, kinda the poor man’s Jimmy Iovine- seem totally old school and irrelevant? Well, hope so.

For the past few weeks, the show has taken a complete detour: Iovine and, suddenly, will i am, supposedly the show’s “mentors” are almost there to show that the contestants have a mind of their own or that they feel Iovine and the best-known Pea are talking crap.

Last week, for example, we were supposed to believe that Casey Abrams became a maverick, was being “true to himself” and went against THEIR  “advice” of covering “In The Air Tonight” and, instead, ended up trying to “do an Esperanza Spalding” and sang a pretty pitchy- but “fearless”- version of “Nature Boy”.

Really? Jimmy Iovine is an astute music exec: Would he REALLY choose a karaoke favourite like the old Phil Collins hit? I doubt it. And where the hell did will i am pop out from- and at a time when Cowell is being all coy about Fergie perhaps being his “new Paula”?

The timing has been strangely surreal. Plus, what the hell is will i am saying, anyway???? No idea. And when he and Iovine give the contestants about “going for votes” and how to “steal votes”, well, it just seems odd.

But, here’s the part which has me thinking about the real game-changer: Again, through some great timing and karma, Jennifer Lopez was just named as People magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman- and which she probably is.

She has also become far more vocal on the show, she has taken the lead and has reduced “The Dawg” to dropping names like water bombs and reminding everyone that he is a musician.

He almost seems to be fighting for survival and with no more “saves” left and with will i am standing in the wings.

Talking about “my boy” whoever from Boyz11Men going to call him right after hearing contestant Stefano’s horribly STRANGULATED version of “The End  Of The Road” as having “SLAYED the song!” showed utter desperation. 

With J-Lo now also having a Number One single, she is easily leading the charge by exclaiming. “You are ALL so darn GOOD!” And “The Dawg” and, in always in his own way, Steven Tyler, has “fallen in”.

Her constant mentioning over the past few weeks about the DIVERSITY of talent this season and how their could be a “Country Idol” and a “Heavy Metal Idol” and a “Jazz Idol”, or a Gospel Idol” etc makes sense.

Right now, as far as the show is concerned,  anyone who is following the show from a MUSICAL point of view and listening to who is up and commenting is like comparing apples with oranges and different genres with other genres. At the end of the day, music is music is music.

Meanwhile, there is the voting system and though “America Votes”, this is a flawed “system” and depends on who has the time to “go out and vote for your favourites”.

Personally, what would be best for “Idol” and  sucker-punch “X Factor” in the process plus do something good for music is to end this season and pave the way for the next by having  MORE than ONE “American Idol” and award around 5-10 of the contestants with a new award called “The Idols”.

Right now, having Scottie “competing” against Casey Abrams etc is ridiculous. They are both “work in progress” in their respective musical fields. Same with the young girl- Lauren- and was she double-tracked or was there someone singing in unison with her last week. Never mind. Just asking.

Loved Iovine’s comments about Miley Cyrus. But him talking about “stealing votes”? No, no, man. Don’t go there.

It might be true and “business” but mentioning it on a talent show, this just comes off very badly.

Perhaps, after all that “Mama Pia Saga”, SHE will be brought back at the end of the show? And, perhaps, the real mentoring by Iovine and his team will happen AFTER the show and when records have to be made and careers built.

Here’s hoping.                

  1. SasPepper says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this and I know he doesn’t have a hope in hell but I think Jacob Lusk deserves to win AI. That is if it’s a pure singing contest as everyone keeps saying. He just sang one of my favorite songs ever and his voice is amazing. He’s the only one this year that has actually given me chills. Sorry that they sent the bus for you this week Jacob, hope you survive and if so, don’t listen to Randy.

  2. SasPepper says:

    His teeth have taken on a life of their own. If the music thing doesn’t work out he can rent out his teeth for modelling gigs like George Costanza did with his hands.

  3. SasPepper says:

    I don’t know, maybe they both should be worried about The Voice. It has some pretty interesting big name judges and will be directly competing with AI once it starts. What’s up with you and the Simons? Does it all go back to your time at EMI?

    • We-Enhance says:

      I know Simon F really well going back to when I worked on SClub7 at UMG. Lovely guy. Plus my daughter worked for him for four years- including Idol- and learned much from him.

      I also know how the other Simon works media to do his bidding. He has an army behind him.

      They both have SO much money, they are not worried about anyone- except themselves.

      Sorry about Brits and Paul. He needs to cool it about the girlfriend. Makes him sound like a groupie. He was awful on the Leno show.

      Must stop singing Maggie Mae and get back to his mighty fine band.

      • SasPepper says:

        I was just kidding about Britney and Paul. I like Paul and his band; I think they have great original music but he was totally wrong for AI. Plus apparently he has voice problems that need to get fixed. I can’t blame him for telling the world about his new girlfriend; he’s just a good old Alabama boy who’s getting his first taste of Hollywood and his American dreams.

      • We-Enhance says:

        For a minute there I thought you wrote that he needs his teeth fixed:)

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