On the entertainment news this week was the announcement that Fish Leong would, one day, like to have her own restaurant. Sweet. And sour. And tasty.

The rather strangely named Fish Leong- though not as strange as two local McDonald’s staffers named Hitler Yu and Milky Wei and Canto-pop crooner HACKEN Lee- is one of Hong Kong’s more popular singers.

Thankfully, until today and the video above, I’ve never heard her warble- but this bit of news made me think just how, well, FISHY the local entertainment industry is- there is no music industry- and how anyone who enters is it either has to swim with the sharks- great movie- or be savage by barracudas.


All this is happening while behind the scenes, the head of a local newbie “entertainment company” is being accused of scams in a very public blog by his ex, even bigamy charges and your day-to-day dose of bullshit.

In other words, nothing really new in the grand scheme of things, but when one swims in the small pool that is Hong Kong, this becomes BIG news to many and tongues wags and there is an nth degrees of separation between everyone involved.

Again, like elsewhere in the world, one has the Haves and the Have Nots and those with money to burn and others out to score money- at all and any costs.

The former group is the “elder statesmen” of the Hong Kong entertainment industry who have bought and parlayed their way into the Chinese entertainment industry mainly through their connections with leading terrestrial television channel HKTVB- the OLD TVB-  and where one could “win” awards and be featured regularly on the Chinese channel’s tedious variety shows in return for a damned good night out with some ladies- or young gentlemen- and some form of “ongoing win-win situation”.


The number of people- men and women- still hiding in closets in Hong Kong would give Old Mother Hubbard a heart attack.


Most of these old fat cats and “lo bans” as they are known in Cantonese- “big shots”- are in property development and the reasons for them being in the entertainment business is a combination of “face” and wishing to be part of  glamour, the old casting couch method of “discovering” young talent and, more to the point, to declare these businesses as a tax write off.

They are what one would call prime realtors in a market where money corrupts and money also buys anything.

Then there are the newbies in town who operate, thanks to some kindly investor also with money to burn, or work these businesses- also- as a tax loss, or as hype merchants. Okay, they are bullshit artists.


The hype merchants- the BS artists- travel in packs and are largely delusionary. They either honestly believe they can make money signing up as many local artists as possible- quantity versus quality- and then have these naive,  gullible and you-asked-for-it wannabe artists with stars in their eyes and space between their ears, PAY to have their dreams of “stardom” realized.

The music produced? Sadly, it’s an insult to one’s intelligence and with not one iota of originality. Just the same old- very old- beats and sing-a-long choruses found on any unoriginal Keisha record and is called “original”.

It’s all as “original” as “vacant” as those two hosts on the “Asian version” of E! Entertainment doing their dead-on impersonations of Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic.

It must be like opening a McDonald’s franchise anywhere in the world: Nothing must change: The over- enunciation and even the poses.




What? Originality? Blush and Jon “Boy” Neirman? What a waste of space THAT much-hyped Project Lotus search for- groan- “Asia’s First Pan-Asian Female Group” turned out to be.

Blush? Yes, if I could, I would. Next from the Nierman stable of stars? We hear it’s some bloke named David Escoe- a choreographer. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Or the doubt of the benefit. 

What’s the POINT of all this? Seriously. You get a record made and, yes, THEN what? It’s shown on YouTube? The artist makes an appearance on some broken-down TV channel? There’s an appearance at The Venetian in Macau? It’s sold as a download on Tencent which should be called “Less-than-one percent”?

By the way, the news that this Mainland China music site is the front-runner to purchase MySpace as Rupert Murdoch wants to flog the latter for chump change should send a shiver down the arses of many who have their content- and copyrights- up there on MySpace and which looks like quickly becoming Free-For-All Space.   

Meanwhile, months- even years- are spent recording tracks and videos and, finally, the “product” is out and, if lucky, it might ell around 20,000 units. Forget all that “digital nonsense.” It pays peanuts- and even those who try and explain its “benefits” know this.

But, in their mad euphoria to have SOMETHING out there and show their parents and friends that the have SOMETHING happening other than a YouTube channel, these newbie artists lose sight of contractual obligations, publishing and, well, making an income.

Meanwhile, these “companies” behind them, sit and filter through who CAN make them a small quid while using this “glamorous front” of having a “entertainment company” to leverage “other jobs”.

Suddenly, the “entertainment company” is also making “reality shows” as somewhere along the line, someone has decided to be the local version of Simon Fuller or Simon Cowell as being something like them is “easy”.

Also suddenly. they are busy making “pilots” for shows- most of which are worse than that shocker “created” for Hewlett Packard and aired on STAR World called “HP Space”.

Hewlett Packard should be black-balled for foisting this piece of crap on people.


The same company was trying to create and produce a show to find “Asia’s Most Creative Ad Person” or something like that. What happened? No one out there?

The truth to all of this? Most of it is all a con.

It simply comes down to this: “If you have some business, give it to me and I’ll find some people to do it for you”.

Sadly, this modus operandi never works as it is not DESIGNED to work.

People don’t get paid, the “clients” reject work- and few check on the credentials of these “clients”-  soon everyone is out-of-pocket and no one trust anyone anymore.

Bottom line: Music has already been devalued. It and those who create and produce it have been raped and pillaged and screwed over.

The days of being proud to be part of a music company are gone. Tell someone today that you’re in music and they’ll tilt their heads, look at you sadly and say, “Awwww, are you okay?”  

Without getting “all Christian” about it, there is a need to drive the “pimps and the whores outta the temples” and bring some respectability to an industry which, today, has no shame, very few- and too few- good guys with white hats and no knights on white chargers to reveal the pock marks that have been hidden by layers of makeup for way too long .

What? CreateHK? That name for this organisation is an oxymoron.



  1. Fernando says:

    Blush are being showcased at MusicMatters. Is this a case study of how to “make it” today? I don’t know.

    Truth is I’m tempted to move to some tiny backwater country and just find a few good musicians and make music.

    I like the social media stuff – twitter, youtube, soundcloud – they are nice little tools. But, there is something about this manufactured celebrity approach that is out of control.

    I’ve been a pro or semi-pro musician all my adult life, but I’m no longer proud to introduce myself as a musician. That churns me up inside and I’m not the only one who feels that way.

    • We-Enhance says:

      Blush at Music Matters?

      That’s very sad, disappointing and makes me see that this is just an old boys club- and which has not changed in decades.

      There are far better acts that could have done with some exposure instead of these munchkins who ended up ruining the Rugby Sevens for many.

      Ah, sweet politics and sweet bollocks.

      Music Matters? Nah. Networking and nutworking matters.

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