There are gonna be fewer Grammy Awards in the Hip Hop and R’nB Categories and after reading the following- and how bloody confusing is IT????- I am wondering if awards for categories and scattergories and genres and sub-genres should be blown up so we can get back to the very ROOTS of music:

“At the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards earlier this year, Jay-Z won for Best Rap Performance for a Duo or Group for his work alongside Swizz Beatz on the track ‘On to the Next One.’ Eminem won Best Rap Solo Performance for ‘Not Afraid,’ a song off his Best Rap Album win, ‘Recovery.’ According to the recent change in awards categories, only one of the two would have walked away with a golden award under the new revisions had the new categories been put into effect this year.” 

What’s happened to the KISS Theory of Keep It Simple, Stupid and are we drowning, not only in a sea and cesspool of information and mis-information and drivel, but floating through so MUCH music and without some form of filter system to remove the chaff from the grain, the good from the bad and the ugly from the fugly?

Like a computer, like anything where there is too much of everything and we are on Heavy Overload  and becoming “compulsive addicts” needing more and more to be thrown our way so we can devour it all.

As I said to someone last night, “I see dead people and I also hear Google people. They don’t speak so much as recite what they have read. There is now so MUCH to read so quickly that EVERYTHING is absorbed like a sponge on crack. “ 

It’s like all these music conferences and all the subjects and all these speakers. More words, more questions when the first questions are still to be answered, more pundits, more pontifications and yet, no solutions and nothing about THE MUSIC nor protecting THE RIGHTS of musos or anyone truly understanding “rights issues”- and the very CORE of the problem.

It’s just incessant chatter with everyone trying to “outsmart” and “over-intellectualize” each other while they travel in packs like lemmings over a cliff.

These are not MUSIC conferences. These are INDUSTRY pontifications and INDUSTRY-infested cocktail parties and a million miles away from creating, producing, supporting and promoting MUSIC.

Listening to some act during a break or after dinner is NOT “about the music, dude”. It’s about getting a free gig from some poor act who are under the delusion of being “discovered” and “signed, sealed and Stevie Wondered”. And which pisses me off and pisses off musicians. It’s all for show and it IS a show.

Someone like Bob Lefsetz tries to be the big bad bogeyman blogger and rants against “the majors” and sometimes the minors, but slip him a fiver and a free ticket to travel around the world to be a “speaker” at a music conference and stay at a 5-star hotel and he’ll be there with bells on his balls and playing the role of the “outspoken critic” and court jester.

And that’s what’s happening almost everywhere today: Role playing.

Everyone is an “expert”, everyone knows everything ‘cos Google is their universe, everyone knows something about everything and, more alarming, everyone is in such a maniacal rush to get rich quicker than quick, the homework is never done.

There is no time for any of this groundwork as the business of being famous for being famous is in full flight and nearly everyone has their heads in the clouds or else their heads up their own asses.

Today’s conversations are littered with mentions about “Bernie” [Ecclestone] and “Zuckerberg” and “Irving” [Azoff] and” Lyor” [Cohen] and etc etc. Many really “know” them. How? Google, mainly. Or else, heard from someone who read it on Google.

Names are dropped faster than water bombs by people who wouldn’t known “Bernie” from Bernice and yet see themselves in the same Premier League of Fame.

What? Confidence? Perhaps. It could also be called kidding one’s self.

So, while the National Academy of Arts and Sciences spend valuable time discussing which categories of awards to cut, perhaps we all need to take a step back, inhale, exhale slowly and get “more in tune” with ourselves and what we can REALLY achieve instead of being legends in our own lunchtimes and living life in La La Land.       

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