Firstly, I shouldn’t, but I find the news of Wyclef Jean being shot in the hand in Haiti to be pretty funny. Let’s not forget that he assembled the troops in Hollywood to re-work “We Are The World” to “help” the earthquake victims in his home country and, a few months later, ran for the Presidency of Haiti.

On the pointless and just plain awful version of “We Are The World”, Wyclef Jean took centre stage and was given pride of place to make strange clucking sounds. What the hell was producer Quincy Jones thinking?

A few years earlier, when there, he was promising every attractive woman he met in China stardom in America. He eventually signed up someone many of us had passed on and whom he named China Wine. Her career didn’t pass Go and she never collected $200. Opportunists are everywhere. 

Now, Mark Burnett, the man with the dubious honour of being “The King Of Reality Television” has announced the launch of HIS own singing television talent show and how THIS one is way different to everything that has come before.

Then again, what did one expect him to say: I’ve been working on this piece of shit for three years and it has finally been given the green light?

This guy seems to have done his homework on the show and how it all works.

Called “The Voice”, or “The Voice Of America” is based around the hit DUTCH show created by John de Mol called- what else?- “The Voice Of Holland”.

One thing: I’ve watched this show and none of the talent sang any Mariah and Whitney covers. Guess it’s easier to clear song for contestants in Holland. And some of the contestants have been very good.

Anyway,  this piece of deja-vu will be aired on NBC and with the the key judges- but called “Coaches”- being Christina Aguilera, a brilliant singer who is going through a bit of a career meltdown, Adam Levine of the hugely overrated Maroon5, Cee-lo Green and Country artist, Blake Shelton.

So, for every musical genre, there is a “life coach” and which kinda makes sense except if some of these “coaches” have no one coming their way for “lessons” and with everyone heading towards Ms Aguilera or Mr Shelton.

Honestly, how many might wish to be “coached” by Cee-Lo Green? Time will tell.  The host is Carson Daly whose career also needs a new boost.

From what I know, the key difference and USP to this show compared to Fox’s “Idol” and “X Factor” is that contestants will sing with their backs turned to the “coaches” so that only their, well, VOICES will be judged/coached. Wow. Try and follow this video. I have and I am lost. I have no Voice and am speechless.

Burnett is the man responsible for “Survivor” and “The Apprentice” and has, over the years, also created some programmes which really should never have been allowed to leave his fertile brain: “The Casino”, “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader”, “Rock Star”, “The Restaurant” and, of course, most recently, the now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”.

Yes, like Wyclef Jean, Mark Burnett is an opportunist and one can only suspect that he believes America has room- and enough contestants- for a THIRD television singing talent show on prime-time television and went to NBC to try and break the lock that Fox has on these shows with “American Idol” and the soon-to-launched “X Factor”.

Will “The Voice Of America” be heard or will it attract those who couldn’t make it on “Idol”? Like Frenchie Davis.

Come on, there HAS to come a time when all this television talent will be recycled and keep returning season after season or else going to where they think are greener pastures.

The problem with having another show like “American Idol”- and even if the singers perform with their backs to the audience and judges becomes coaches or mentors, is that it does nothing to attract new talent.

It is still all about solo singers. it is still all about singing covers and there is not one iota of originality as everything is based on keeping the sponsors happy and winning the ratings game. 

Hopefully, America will see through this con and turn its back to it and switch “The Voice” off.     


  1. SasPepper says:

    I think it’s really all about making British blokes rich. For them America is still a colony to be exploited, lol. Nigel has a new one in the works also:

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