Okay, we don’t expect to hear Bob Dylan’s Desolation Row-meets-Highway 61 Revisited-meets-Like A Rolling Stone lyricism every time we hear a song.

Sure, we need to take in Fergie’s bragging and titled “My Humps” along with Katy Perry’s “Peacock” and the catchy refrain of “I wanna see your peacock, cock cock, I wanna see your peacock, cock” plus the obtuse ramblings of the sensitive emo-ers.

Now, add to this, what can only be described as Twitter-songs and with this sung by one Rebecca Black, age 13, and a music video full of some truly fugly teens with zits and braces. Guess, it’s at least keeping it real.

Guess this is also progress: We have gone from the Blues and Jazz and Rock’n Roll and R’nB and Hard Rock and Alternative Rock and Rap and Gangsta Rap and Hip Hop to Californian Twitter-Bird droppings.

I did not write young Rebecca Black’s lyrics for her. Like, no way, dude. She did it ALL on her own-some.

Be afraid, be very afraid and never EVER go out on a Friday again.

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