When a Hong Kong-based Rap artist jumps on the Charlie Sheen bandwagon- wait, the Cracked Charlie train wreck, or the Sheen Express- one has to think if this is blatant opportunism, or meant to be genuinely funny.

I’ll take a crack at the former.

Rapper MC Jin was originally signed to Virgin America after winning some nationwide Rap-off, made one album- “Learn Chinese”- got dumped by the label, and has now a made a name for himself as the kinda “Papa-san” of wannabe Chinese rappers.


He has gone from tough-talkin’ rapper with ‘tude to rapping with all the cred of a soggy char siu bau.

Nothing wrong with char siu bau’s, I guess, as the first time I met Jin and his possewhen his record was out and he was here on a promo visit- we had NO idea how to promote the guy or his record in this Canto-pap smear sodden market- it all seemed kinda, NOT whack, but a bit OUTTA whack.

Standing next to the two big, black and burly posse men, it was a weird version of “Two And A Half Men”. Or “Two Black Men And A Baby”. Whatever…  

Hell, MC Jin, former hard-assed rapper was even featured in a bizarre video with Hong Kong’s Chief Executive- the accident prone and banana-ducking Donald Tsang aka “Wah!Donarrr”.

While MC Jin takes a stab at “winning” and” goin’ crazy” like Charlie Sheen, who knows what Charlie Sheen might be thinking? Or is he? Thinking, that is? Or, could he be the sanest man on the planet and taking the piss outta us all?

Perhaps he is doing what Joachim Phoenix tried to do with his “turn” at giving up acting to be a rapper” and made that daft appearance on Letterman and with the whole sad shtick with partner-in-crime Casey Affleck  eventually falling flat and Phoenix finding it tough to rise from the ashes.  

Sadly, I fear not.

Without “doing a Dr.Drew”, like “Dr Phil”, just another blatant opportunist and celebrity sycophants and whores, Charlie Sheen appears to be a very ill man.

Slash calls him “Rock’n Roll”, but even The Most Elegantly wasted Human Being was not THIS outta control. Keith Richards “just” got very stoned. We never watched him self-imploding in front of us.



I enjoyed “Two-And-A-Half Men”. I laughed my ass off watching “Hot Shots” and even “Hot Shots Parts Deux” and identified and sided with him in “Wall Street” and the stand he took against Gordon Gekko.

Pity that work like the latter is being forgotten and lost in the circus that is currently following him and almost goading him on.


Today, reading the news about his tweets, watching the mass of videos he is “putting out there”, his attempts to create his own version of the English language, the pimps, the hangers-on, the groupies, the enablers, his rants from Sheen’s Korner etc, the thought of how much further this can go on is pretty scary.

We are probably watching a real-life version of  “Howard Beale” from “Network” telling the world, “I AM  MAD AS HELL AND I AM NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!”

And anyone who watched this brilliant yet depressing movie, will know what happened next. 


  1. Christy says:

    I agree, Cat.

    I remain troubled that the antics of Charlie Sheen have occupied so much airspace, headspace, and whitespace. Seriously? The Middle East is simultaneously groping toward democracy and imploding, the world economy is seriously compromised, and human rights abuses persist in every corner of the globe. Still, the best “headline” the NY Times (a “respectable” news source) could blast to my inbox on Monday was the news that Charlie Sheen had been fired from his show.

    When we start to care why someone gets paid millions per episode to merely entertain us (yes, it’s funny and entertaining — I’ll give him that), but yet provides nothing that’s illuminating or of redeeming social value, maybe we’ll be advancing as a human race.

    Frankly, maybe the producers of “Two and a Half Men” should take half of what they’ve paid Charlie Sheen and do a documentary on the millions of deinstitutionalized mentally ill around the world who are homeless and in need of serious help. I have zero sympathy for Charlie Sheen.

  2. Cat says:

    Picking up on Sheen’s ‘breakdowns’ is so typical of Hollywood. We’ve now glorified him into iconic superstardom – and the man is clearly very ill. He doesn’t think he needs help and so be it, can’t help everyone.

    In the words of Deepak Chopra – “The fascination with the ongoing Charlie Sheen saga is a sign of “our collective depravity,”"

    If Sheen wasn’t a celebrity – he’d be locked up in a psych ward for his antics. The road to recovery for a guy like him is long and hard…and selfserving media and public will make this almost impossible for this guy.

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