Some of us were discussing last night how new artists today have such a short window of opportunity. With everything- and there’s heaps- out there, here today and gone tomorrow is more true than ever. And over the past few weeks, for whatever reason, this window is getting narrower.

Sorry Bieber fans, but is it downhill for the boy from here- along with Usher? There are rumours of “emergency meetings” taking place after the Grammy snub. Then again, how many even remember The Grammys anymore?

I only remember Gwynth Paltrow trying to get up on that piano and then staring at her calves as she balanced precariously on her platforms and shook her hips ever-so-safely.

Now comes news that many are saying Lady Gaga’s new single- “Born This Way”- how many tracks does the woman release in a month?- is more than a little similar to everything  Madonna brought out in the Eighties and Nineties.

Isn’t “Born This Way” actually an uncool re-working of “Vogue” with a few Phantom Of The Opera organ grinding here and there?

Is it just me, or do all her songs sound the same? There are moments when I even think she is channeling the Disco sounds of Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer.

Plus, her reference to Whitney Houston and mentioning at the Grammy’s that she wrote the song with “Houston, We Have A Problem” in mind, was not just awkward, it was bloody weird. 

Was she trying to do a publishing deal and shopping the song using the Grammys as a platform?

Slay me here and now, but I have never understood this adulation for My Fair Lady Gaga. The songs are derivative and she is just a little too earnest in her efforts to SHOCK- you know, the videos, the Meat Dress, the hats, the arrival in an egg, “Creative Director” for Polaroid, the “humble bumble” speeches.

Even the title of this new/old track- “Born This Way”- sounds manipulative. Bring back Madge and her varicose veins, I say. Or Cher.

Now,  even her gay fans are questioning the good Lady’s intentions and wondering if she is an user or an abuser and a bit of a, well, fake, fake, fake.

This piece from Popbitch- and if you have not already, you really should subscribe to it- says it all and much better than anything I could say. Or write.

 Just dance: Get off the soapbox, get on the floor

Lady Gaga’s over-hyped release of her Madonna rip-off, Born This Way, seems to be backfiring. Acolytes and mainstream media  may have lapped it up but many fans are  complaining that it feels more like a cynical marketing tool rather than genuine piece of  pop. It should never be up to the artist to anoint their own work as a gay anthem – that’s for listeners to decide (and if there’s one thing that The Gays should inarguably be allowed to adopt, it’s their own anthems).

The problem Gaga has created for herself  is that by making gay fans feel like they’ve been used as a promotional weapon, everything  she does is coming under scrutiny. Her S&M video stylings, closely linking the concept of “being gay” with being a freak, or an outcast, for example. Even her previously well-received attempt to support the repeal    of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is being questioned, particularly her use of the line “We are not asking you to agree with or approve the moral implications of  homosexuality”. What moral implications?

No doubt she started out with good intention- she’s possibly just a victim of her own hype – but Gaga might be advised to stop focusing on politics and start focusing on pop again.



  1. scott says:

    Basically Lady GaGa is a dedicated songwriter working at her craft and using her own brand of fashion and stage show to promote her own music. She found a way to get attention and will have a battery life as long as the public allows her to be who she is. Personally I appreciate that she found a way to make herself work in this age of boring music we live in. Kudos to her for being driven to succeed. I’ve never bought a Madonna record though I liked her melodies. I don’t buy GaGa’s stuff either …but I really do like that they found a way to market themselves and get over to the public…it’s a major feat to sustain any popularity.

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