The “back story” is a good one in that, man, the guy has gone through a lot, his voice sounded good for the few seconds one heard it, the judges raved about him and James Durbin is “going to Hollywood”.

Was he, is he better than Adam Lambert as a bona fide singer? No.

To date, no one has had the voice of Adam Lambert and, often, I think this contestant from Season 8 should have been a contestant for Season 10 and auditioning in front of Steven Tyler and then seeing what someone like Jimmy Iovine would do to that amazing voice.

I seriously doubt his current label has a clue what to do with him. And before the “Glamberts” get their knickers in a twist, Truth Time: For all the pre-release hype, the debut album was way too long, way too safe and way too over-produced.

It was a confusing, boring album made up of a bit of this, a bit of that, a bastard son of  “We Will Rock You” and a hodge-podge of genres.

Let’s hope, contestants who become “real” recording artists this season as opposed to being “competitors from a television talent show making records”  produce far more “complete records.”

Like one contestant from yesterday, Emily Ann Reed: I loved her voice in that she is so, well, “anti American Idol” and not anyone trying to be someone else- especially one of those now generic “Country” singers with that annoying Sarah McLaughlin yodel in their voices . If I had to compare her with anyone, it would be Corrinne Bailey Rae.

She is not “like” Norah Jones. Norah is Norah and she is brilliant. I doubt many have gone beyond the old “Snorah” image. Norah Jones has a fabulous voice and has done a number of pretty “outre” recordings under different fans. 

As for Emily Ann Reed, she will go far. She might not win “American Idol”, but so what? Just get that recording deal, make a great record and have enough of a repertoire to tour. Personally, I’d love to hear someone like McCartney, Elvis Costello or Randy Newman write a song for her- or record a duet together. She is old school jug band music with a twist of lemon.

Last season, the world seemed to gush over Crystal Bowersox and labeled her “the new Janis Joplin” when, actually, Janis Joplin was fine for the male-dominated Sixties, but would not stand a hope in hell of making it in music today.

Same with Crystal Bowersox and despite some lady from 19 jumping ship to manage her, the debut album has tanked without trace.

Emily Ann, I see- and hear- as being vastly different in that she has a truly distinct voice and here’s hoping her originals are better than average an can be, well, enhanced by the A&R team at Interscope. So, with the auditions over, we are off to Hollywood Week and the “problem” I have is that there are so many, especially, female contestants going through with the much mentioned two words- “Star Appeal”.

Honestly, I have never seen so many with “star appeal”- okay to okay good voices and with great teeth, hair, figures and with age on their side.

Sorry for sounding shallow, but in today’s world of Rihanna-type fashion appeal, the sexiness of Katy Perry, the outrageousness of Lady GaGa and the sluttiness of Kei$ha, everyone needs a shtick. And many of the female contestants have their own shtick.

The male contestants? They have good “back stories” and with around 4-5 with that “star quality” and which might have to be popped out and “styled” and have Professor Higgins go to “work” on them and have those make-overs working overtime.

We saw it happen to Carrie Underwood and Katherine McPhee as their seasons went on and we’ll see the same this time.

Sadly, one cannot go out in jeans and t-shirts and just sing great songs anymore. If so, my mate, singer-songwriter Ben Semmens, would be bigger than Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson- combined- by now. But, Ben’s time is around the corner and his new track is gonna be massive. I’ll bet my balls on that. And I am attached to my balls.

And with that, we’re onto Hollywood Week, more dramas, lotsa begging, more of the good, the bad, the ugly and the fugly and when all these auditions will be history and Jimmy Iovine and his producers enter the picture.

Now, it gets interesting- from a musical point of view.  The circus has left town.

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