When down with the flu, one tends to almost hallucinate and just lie in bed and watch Dumb TV. And it really is getting dumber and dumber.

“American Idol” was followed out here by a series called “True Beauty” and where some hunks and chunks and “babes” and bimbo gather in- where else?- a mansion with a pool, jacuzzi, etc. Every one of these shows has a mansion.


Le grande concept to “True Beauty” is that they think they are being judged on their “outer beauty” but, in reality- and reality television- they are watched by three judges as to whether they have “inner beauty”. The prize? $100,000 and “the chance to be featured in People magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People issue”.


Who comes up with this crap? Mark “Survivor” “The Casino” [never saw it, right?], “The Apprentice” Burnett, the “King” of Reality Television, can only come up with so much. So, the Producers of the series are Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher. Yes, it took  half-a-brain each to come up with “True Beauty”. Who at ABC green lit this- and what did they say in this?

So, here were four finalists- dwindled down from around twelve- all tanned and with perfect teeth and each sporting rampant narcissistic qualities running through their veins.


Billy or Willie from “True Beauty”. He didn’t win

The “mystery judge” on the show I watched was Ashton Kutcher’s mother  who “oversaw” how these four finalists “worked the room” at some so-called “red carpet event”. It was worse than cringe-worthy and showed nepotism at its lowest level.

It was also sad to see former Supermodel Cheryl Tiegs being one of the judges- the other two were Vanessa Minnillo- yeah, whoooo?- and the mole-like Nole Marin, a regular on all shows featuring or produced by Miss Banks- on this vanity piece of television crud.

At least Miss Tiegs had not had a face-lift. She has grown old gracefully and never returned for Season 2 of this series. Yes, they had a Season 2 despite the show’s “secret USP” of how to win it no longer a secret. Bloody daft.


Sure, it’s supply and demand, and no one is forcing anyone to watch crap like this, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, that other Ashton Kutcher-disaster titled “The Beauty And The Geek” and all the other fly-on-the-wall television reality series, but here’s what I don’t understand: People going on prime time and putting “it” all “out there”.

Like I said, when ill and weak, one tends to channel surf. Well, I do. So, watching some sorry bloke as “The Bachelor” having a choice of locking tongues with a harem of desperate women and both sides actually thinking they are “in love”, makes me wonder if this is naivety or just everyone playing a game- and if so, how this game plays out in their real worlds? 


Who would take any of these women seriously after watching them pimp themselves on television? Who would take any of the wannabe models on all those Tyra Banks-produced shows seriously?

I know around eight girls from different countries who have appeared on various versions of “America/Canada/Australia’s Next Top Model” and none have got a job outta appearing on these shows. Clients/advertisers won’t touch them. They would be bad for business. 


All these “reality” shows are cast and choreographed. They are lit and shot for drama.

Does one honestly think The Don comes through the door of his “office” and into a “boardroom”. It’s all a frikin set.


How can the odds and sods gathered to be “Survivors” and “stranded” on some “remote” island be alone when there is an entire crew filming them?

On every one of these shows, there are several takes- and which is why there is always a “reunion” and where “hilarious” out-takes are shown.

The contracts signed by contestants are tighter than a pair of shrunken leotards and everyone signs off on Confidentiality Clauses where they cannot parlay their appearances into book deals, movie deals etc.

Sure, there is nothing wrong in suspending one’s disbelief from time to time. But not when television is lowered to a neanderthal level and shows like those mentioned above are just so shallow, superficial and sends such wrong and mixed signals to so many as how to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. 


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