Everybody, get back aboard the “American Idol” Express and yet another season of silliness, the emergence of the so-called “Church of Idol” and with more finding reasons to ring the death knell for the show.



This time- and already- it’s about the “ratings drop”- around 13%- but what those who pounce on these numbers fail to realize is that this is 2011, the show has been going on for ten years, it is still mopping the floor with other shows when it comes to a viewing audience- still over 26 million- and in a world that is more and more going online and turning to channels like Apple TV and downloading shows off the internet, “Idol” is doing fine. Mighty fine.

As for the new judges and some whining about how they miss the “caustic remarks of Simon Cowell”, really? Have you ever watched “The X Factor” alongside when he was a judge on “American Idol”? How many ways can one say someone sucks, big time, or even small time? Plus,  all those quotable  “Mr. Nasty” lines were used up years ago.

How will he do and will he change his shtick when his “X Factor’ debuts in the States? No. The man is a one-trick pony and “X Factor” will be the new, old “American Idol”.

Are Jennifer Lopes, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson “too nice”? In a world gone belly up and where bad is the “new good” and appalling behaviour by pseudo-celebrities sounding as if they are on helium is almost condoned annd “needed” to be in the limelight, in my books, there is nothing wrong with being “too nice”.

Give the show a break, critics. It’s only the freak show that is always the auditions, it’s a set “format” and let’s see what develops- musically- when Jimmy Iovine and his posse of producers and arrangers get involved.

Will “Idol” go from the white picket fences of a David Lynch/”Blue Velvet” suburban America to the more Urban side of the tracks? Who knows and why not?


Sure, right now, I have not heard someone with the vocal gymnastics of an Adam Lambert and the potential of a Carrie Underwood or a Chris Daughtry, but, perhaps, their time has come and gone? Again, who knows? It’s a fickle business.

Right now, there has been a much younger group of singers going through who could surprise many- and, again, I repeat the name of 15-year-old contestant Kenzie Palmer.This girl is very good.

Again, I also come back to Jimmy Iovine: The man works with and has worked with some of the “coolest” and biggest acts in the world- Pharrell Williams, Eminem, Lady Gaga etc- and how he will “accept” and “change” those who have sailed through is what will be really interesting.

The man is not going to sign just anybody to his Interscope label- especially those who only know how to sing “Hallelujah” or “Hallelujah, I Love You So” or “Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Day” etc reasonably well as a karaoke singer.

In other words, I am waiting to see “American Idol” find a real teen idol and not some hack 28-year-old muso who has been banging away for years and getting nowhere, have the show contribute to music in the way of young talent with the time to be developed and not just someone who can sing in a myriad of styles- and none being original.

The show aside, out now- it’s all in the timing- is the book, “American Idol: The Untold Story”. Is it any good? Well, it has an “US/People magazine” quality to it and it offers some gossip/news that might give it some column inches.


Written by Richard Rushfield, some of the “interesting” facts might be how the other contestants despised Carrie Underwood, the presence of “The Idol Ministry” during Seasons 5 and 6 of the show,  the strong presence of  evangelical Christianity behind the scenes and how one Leesa Bellisi and her husband Denny became the spiritual and financial adviser to many contestants including Jason Castro and Katherine McPhee plus Paula Abdul.

Personally, I find religion finding its way into a television talent show and backstage of “American Idol” to be somewhat spooky and creepy. But, hey, we are all different.



More on all this later as there is much more to the above- plus the Right versus the Left and how Twitter, YouTube and “Idol” blogs have been used by some family members behind certain former “Idolers” to drum up support for their respective teams.

Frankly, if anyone is going to write the ultimate tell-all book about the journey of the show from “Pop Idol” in the UK to “American Idol”, it will be Simon Fuller, but the man is too much of a gentleman to air dirty laundry for all to see and hear.

As the creator of the show, he has stayed well away from the limelight, has let some bask in it while allowing others to get burnt in the process by enjoying being part of the circus and allowing those 15 minutes of fame to go to their heads and turn careers to toast.

Along with this new season of “American Idol”, in September came Season 2 of “GLEE”, the show which the media and bloggers have nothing to say about as Ryan Murphy has created a brilliant television series that works on so many different levels.


The show is just too intelligent and being the man who also created “Nip/Tuck”, one can look at his current show on a very obvious level as being a more ballsy “High School Musical” or dig deeper and see a more dark, twisted series. Guess how and what anyone gets from it is up to one’s psyche- even a Glee-club rendition of “Empire State Of Mind” and which, for some reason, work on this show.

As for the new season of “GLEE”, it has some key new main characters- all good, even the elfin-like Charice and the almost tragic figure of “Beiste”- it’s a French surname.


I have no idea why, but  for some reason, I see the day when “American Idol” and “GLEE” will somehow “morph” and become something wickedly, well, gleeful and where no one worships false idols.

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